Monday, August 29, 2005

Mom won't get off the computer. She has a new obssession called "eeeebay" or something. We aren't sure what it is, but if it is another "pet" we aren't putting up with it. We have enough pets to put up with; three humans can wear anyone out. So Mom is on the computer A LOT when she is not at work and it has been very hard prying her off. There are no pictures of the new guys Ford and Arthur yet and Ford stomped off with his towel last night when he realized it. Arthur is too busy with the girls to notice or care.

However, I'm putting my poodie paw down and demanding more attention and computer time. The cold sholder worked this morning, as you can see.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

The strawberries are great, but Mom is on a chili kick and we had chili and rice again tonight...um beans you know. But Mom said to report that Salsa was feeling better if his actions were anything to go by so we aren't sure what his problem is. As far as we (rodentia) are concerned he is fine and nipping as usually. The new boys, Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent are settling in fine and actually seemed to enjoy bath day yesterday. I think there is something wrong with them. Who likes bath day? They also get to talk to the girls more since their condo is up by the girls' condo. Seniority should prevail, but obviously doesn't around here. Hmf. ~Pip

Proof that Salsa is feeling better and back working on his own agenda:

Salsa rapidly approaches Merlin. Why, we aren't sure, but we watch the interaction to see what has him so excited...what idea is in that ratty brain of his?

It seems Salsa has a rather urgent subject to talk to Merlin about; however, as typical, Merlin the poodie is not to interested in rat ideas, etc. so this may take some doing...I wonder what is up?

Yep, definately some ear whispering going on here. Merlin still doesn't seem interested.

Wait a minute, what are those two up too? Now there is definately an exchange of ideas going on. Wait, never mind; I don't want to know...

~Rat Mom

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I had a big whole in my neck where Shadow ripped the fur off picking on me. Mom putted medicine on it and let me run around, but then the next day or the next Mom noticed the scab and missing fur were bigger so she putted more medicine on it. Now it is getting better and I can wrestle with Merlin again. He likes to play Wrestle Wild Cat with me, which is a lot of fun since he is big like a wildcat. I know because I saw a picture in a book of a big, black wild cat that looked like Merlin. None of the wild cats look like me. Mom says that is okay because everyone looks different and that is what makes us special. Anyways, my neck is getting better. Mom says if it is not a lot better by Thursday she is going to take me to the vet place where they do tune-ups on poodies. I don't like that place and always sit way back in my carry case and shake. So I'm doing my best to get better. ~Ko Ko

Salsa is sick but we are not sure with what. He is peeing large amounts of blood now of and on, but does not seem to be in any pain or even discomfort. He is just terribly tired. I'm very upset because he is our alpha dude and the sweetest squish. Salsa is the one who runs where ever he wants around and sneaks a sleep with us when he can. Rob is horribly upset because they have a close bond. Salsa has always been "Rob's rat", so named because Salsa named himself that. Rob doesn't want to put him through a lot of painful tests since he doesn't seem to be in any pain. In fact, when he is out, he still makes a point to go after the cats. ~Rat Mom

Sunday, August 21, 2005

We got strawberries....~Rodentia

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

PRP-Paws Raised in Protest

You will NOT believe what THEY did. THEY left for four days...four whole days. We had some stranger feeding us and we had no Mommy sugars and we had no Kinsey loves and no Dad growls, nothing. We were left to DIE...okay maybe not die but it was just as bad.

~Poi Rats and Cats President and Council of PRP

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Great Sleuth

I am Horatio Phinneaus Newton, or PI Fig Marscapone to you. I own my own detection agency where all manner of problems skate across my desk in a matter of weeks, some difficult and some dangerous, but all solvable by the great PI Fig.

Don't worry ma'am. I can solve the case for you. Just leave it in the capable hands of PI Fig Marscapone. In no time at all I will have your problem taken care of and your worries put to rest.

Danger? Danger is not problem ma'am. I'm trained in several martial arts. Hooo-ahhhhhhhh, hiiiii-eeeeeeee, ooohhhh-ahhhhh.

The great nose is on the case. PI Fig sniffs out the trail and he is off after the nefarious criminal. Will our great sleuth catch his rat? Will he be able to turn him in?

The trail goes this way. PI Fig is relentless. He will not quit until the case is solved and justice is done. No matter the consequences.

Oh no. The culprit is Salsa "The Sleeper" Cicione, PI Fig's friend for many moons and dinner partner extroidinaire at the neighborhood Rat Club. But our sleuth knows what must be done.

After the successful, if troubling end to the case, PI Fig closes up shop and heads out into the night. He will do what a PI has too and.....

....have dinner at the club alone.

~H. P. N.

Monday, August 01, 2005

The Art of Taking a Bath

Today, we study the fine poodie art of taking a bath. Now every poodie knows the benefits gleamed from proper skin and fur care, but many 'beans do not. So I, Merlin "The Dude" would like to share this knowledge with you 'beans out there. If I miss anything fellow poodies, please add it in your comments. Now, if you all are ready with you paws....er...hands, lets begin.

Everyone must sit down on your haunches and roll onto one side so you lay slightly off center but balanced so you do not fall over. Starting with your head: wet your paw and swish it over your ears, your eyes, your face, and the top of your head.

Remember to only dampen your paw. You do not want it wringing wet with drool...that is gross and sloppy. Washing is a fine art, in fact, it is considered among the finest relaxing arts to poodies. Now follow through down to your chest and sides. Oops' pick yourselves up and try to balance again. Not everyone gets it on the first try. Now really everyone balance, concentrate and balance. We can't have the class flopping all over the floor like fish out of water.

Keep it up lick, swish, fluff, lick, swish, fluff, until you have that nice washing rhythm going. Oh dear, half of you fell over again.

Back to the beginning. Sit on haunches, roll to the side, balance, raise paw, lick, swish, fluff.

Okay, okay, that's it. Now some of you have it. Keep up the good work. Yes you are getting the fine art of kitty grooming.

Now keep going and let your mind become one with the bath. Zen as you 'beans call it. Focus on nothing but the bath and how it relaxes and soothes your fur and skin.

Now for the final part of peaceful bathing, the toes. You simply cannot forget the toes. Clean in between each toe and chew on the nails to trim and shape the claws. Dirty claws are a sign of a dirty poodie. Plus, claws that are left unprepared are a danger to no one but yourself as my poodie Mom always said. Once cleaned, claws can be sharped to a fine point.

And that my friends in the very basics in the fine art of poodie bathing.

If some of you are wondering. We poodies do not clean the personal parts while doing zen bathing. That is purely functional cleaning and not a part of this class.

Thank you for attending. May you all live long and prosper as my Daddy 'bean says.