Monday, January 30, 2006

We are revolting....

...not in the sense that we are gross, but in the revolutionary sense. You will not believe what is going on here in Poiland. The 'beans are going on VACATION for 2 WEEKS and leaving us with a PET SITTER. It is unconsionable. It stinks. We are EVEN going to have ACCESS to the 'puter the whole time because MOM is turning it OFFFFFF. It's going to get messy here in Poiland, real messy.

However, we did take time to write out instructions for the PET SITTER (Mom only edited a little):

Instructions On Taking Care of
the Divine Animals of Providence


1. Please feed us only the food of the gods everyday at 2:00. Reality: Feed vermin when you come over by topping off food dishes with vermin mix found in Tupperware under vermin condos. PS We like human food if you have any leftovers, but we hate wasabi peas.
2. Please check water bottles to make sure they are not empty. Fill with ambrosia juice. Reality: please fill with water so they don’t run out. Warning: Thirsty vermin will drink your blood…just kidding, but they will die.
3. Don’t worry about cleaning us, we like to smell like vermin.
4. Aeowen bites: she is the white girl rodent with the dark eyes. None of the others bite, unless you have food or are food.

Legomorph (rabbit):

1. Please fill green dish on side of cage with green rabbit crunchies located in white Tupperware by hutch. Caution: Green crunchies made from kryptonite, if you are allergic wear gloves…and possibly a mask.
2. Give a large handful of timothy hay from bag under hutch.
3. Check water bottle and make sure it is not empty.
4. Give a bag of salad toppings into red bowl from fridge. Bags will already be prepared and ready to go.
5. Rabbie likes attention and loves being petted. Caution: will rip you up if lifted up…likes to leave bruises to those who attempt hugs.
6. When possible feed every day as Rabbie goes through his food each day and is left without otherwise and this could result in dead rabbit, which stinks…not kidding.

Poodies aka celestial cats from unknown worlds:

1. Please feed hard crunchies in two dishes in bathroom in master-cat sleeping room. Food under sink.
2. Please scoop cat box of holy chunks and put in ark-like receptacle by box. Empty this when necessary.
3. Fill up holy water container reserve on sink.
4. Give one can of specially blessed stinky goodness each day in dish in kitchen.

We were a little worried when the PET SITTER asked Mom to translate. But we will whip him into shape, no worries. We are resourceful divine beings with super powers, ah ha ha ha ha.....
~Poiland Tribe
United Under Protest

Friday, January 27, 2006

Whatcha doin'?

Ko Ko: Whatcha doin' Mom?

Poi Mom: Crossstich.

KK: What?

PM: Crosstich.

KK: Whatever. What's this?

PM: My thread I sew with.

KK: Ohhhh

PM: Don't even think about it.

KK: I wouldn't

PM: Why are you staring?

KK: I'm not.

PM: Stop that right now...stop...don't bite the thread...Ko Ko you beast...let go...

KK: *innocent stare* how pretty.

PM: Go play with Merlin

KK: He's sleeping and said to let him.

PM: okay let me be

KK: but I love to watch you play with thread.

PM: I'm NOT playing with thread.

KK: Whatever *pat, pat*

PM: I mean it Ko Ko leave the thread I'm sewing with be.

KK: *sighs* Okay *sits down*

PM: *continues sewing relaxes guard*

KK: *grabs a skein of embroidery thread and starts to sneak off*

PM: *looks up* Drop it Ko Ko

KK: Why, you aren't using that one?

PM: *sighs* just leave it ALL alone

KK: *stalks off with tail swishing* Selfish 'bean Mom.

PM: I don't want to hear it. Go play.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The rodentia dinners are ready. We LOVE pasta and cheese, love it, love it, love it..... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Little did Rabbie know that tonight was not to be a quiet time with his salad. No, he was being watched, covertly, but watched just the same. Rabbie was under intense scrutiny by...Fig. Here is what happens. Posted by Picasa

I'm going in! ~Fig Posted by Picasa

Almost there...what is going to happen? Is this a good idea? Hmmm.... Posted by Picasa

Well you don't seem to be too bad even though you smell funny...Fig  Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 16, 2006

NO BUNS in my beddieby basket, ever. I don't care how cute he is.  Posted by Picasa

Well first the little bun dude tried to become Mommy's favorite I think. That was bad enough, but then he flat out crossed the line. There are some things that are sacred and not to be touched by furry big-footed fuzzy butts... Posted by Picasa

And then the little legomorph had the audacity to jump into my, repeat my, beddie by basket and try to rummage around. That is a poodie basket only. No buns. I don't mind the little guy out and about, but NOT in my beddieby basket. It's bad enough I have to share with Shadow. Ko Ko is okay because he does what I say, but that is it. Posted by Picasa

Poodies have to do what they have to do to keep their place in this world. I'm Mommy's boy and that is that. ~Merlin Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 14, 2006

And I just want you to know Mom that I am NOT taking anymore of this crap from that rabbit. I mean it. Just because he's new he thinks he can do anything. ~Merlin Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Well, we finally got Mom to organize our sidebar so the fluffies are kind of in a likespecies group. Maybe it won't be so confusing. It was work, but I oversaw it and told Mom were to put what and now?...I'm pooped. I'm going to sleep. And yes the rodentia are listed first. It just worked out that way. There is no reason for the cats to be so huffy, none at all. ~Horatio, Phinneaus Newton aka "Fig" Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hello I am Robert Burns or Rabbie Buns for short. I have recently joined the Poi family. There are quite a few of them. There is The Dad, The Mom, Kinsey kitten, and some furries with pointy ears and some furries with naked tails. I have not sorted out the names of all of these guys yet. But I will. I am a Netherland Dwarf bunnie and I was donated to the pet store with all of my stuff for them to sell. I came with a very small cage, timmy hay, pellets, chewing blocks, salt, potty box, wood chips for the potty box, and a couple of toys. The Mom isn't sure why I was given away. The pet store said I was healthy and fine. I do tend to bite if I being shuffled to much or blocked from a direction I want to go. I am a very good bunny otherwise the Mom says. She even set me up to blog tonight after I had my celery and a crab apple.  Posted by Picasa

Yes, I enjoy eating veggies and Kinsey kitten was nice enough to give me her purple fuzzy blankie because I liked it so much. I can dig in it and nibble on it and slide my front paws out oh it ~Rabbie Burns  Posted by Picasa

I found that although there are some strange creatures here, all of them seem nice enough. Some are small and furry and some are big and furry and they all make different sounds, but they have all said hello to me and the 'beans offer tasty goodies and bought me a very nice hutch with my old pottie box in it. It has a lot more room for me than the little cage I was in. The Mom gave my old cage to one of the furries called ratsies.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Mom adopted a NEW sibling!!! ()() Here's the clue...can you guess what it is? Update soon.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hey Ko Ko you got mail. Really? REALLY? It's my secret paws, oh boy......I'm so excited. Posted by Picasa

Look it came, my secret paws present from Peaches. Thank you Peaches. I love it.. Posted by Picasa

Hey Ko Ko. What? Do you maybe want to unwrap that? Huh? Posted by Picasa

Everyone stand back...I will do it. I'm a big boy. Posted by Picasa

Hey leave my toys alone or I will bit you, not really... Posted by Picasa

Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, bite, bite, bite Posted by Picasa

Merlin surveys the presents and considers hiding all of Ko Ko's new toys...as a joke...uh hum. Posted by Picasa

Do not touch the presents, they are MINE Posted by Picasa