Sunday, January 09, 2005


I guess introductions are in order and since I'm the most responsible and the best typist, I will start. I am a rat: Nicodemus Raticus is my name. I live with three other rats, my best buds Salsa, Pip, and Fig. We also cohabitate with two cats. They are rather snotty and seem to think we are not good enough to hang out with. To tell the truth, their tails look rather inviting to nibble on, but that would forever an end to Salsa's hopes of oneday being about to snuggle in their fur. They do look fuzzy.

We rats live in a three story condo with fun toys, beds, bowls, etc. Mom cleans our home everyday, so we have to help her arrange things when she is done. It is the least we can do. Without our help she would not be able to keep up. As soon as the new carpet and blankets are laid down, we mark them so everyone knows these are RAT blankets. It is good our fur smells like warm corn tortillas (Mom says). This evening we enjoyed quality dining in the rat condo with Mom feeding us pizza crusts, pureed potatoe soup, and diced melons, so I'm feeling a bit full, still.



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