Friday, January 21, 2005


You know, poodies and beans have been living together for thousands of years. This is very important I think. Poodies have influenced some of the major decisions in the world I bet. The good decisions. I've heard my Mom say Napurleoon and Hisstler didn't like cats and look what they did. The Egyptians worshipped cats and look at the beautiful things they created and so symetrical. In the Western beans darkest times they didn't like poodies and thought they were bad and killed us, then the plague came on the rats because there were no poodies to kill the boat vermin. Now poodies are loved again by the best beans anyways.

I've had some time to think with my Mom gone lately. I have also been in her hissstory books and believe it or not there is a famous poem called Yowl. Isn't that funny? I bet it was written by a poodie. There were also poodies in Greece and Rome you know. Copernipuss figured out important things about the twinkle lights in the dark sky.



Blogger Timmy said...

Thanks for this essay Merlin. It makes me prrroud to be a poodie :) Mommy likes symmetrical things so I guess she likes egyptian schtuff... I know about the egyptian sphinx! I pretend that I am a sphinx all the time!

8:56 AM

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