Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Shadow

Merlin has been hassling me to write on this strange machine. So I will humor him. I am Shadow, and even though I am only 10 pounds I keep Merlin in line (he is a hefty 19 pounds). If I didn't there would be no order around here. I fit perfectly curled up on top of the couch and I love to sniff Mom's hair. Kinsey is my pet and I love her a lot. She picked me out at the Hawaiian Humane Society when I was just a kitten of about 5 pounds. I was very tiny, but so was she. She was three. We have been best friends since. I like to sleep on her furry blanket and look out her window at the cars and people going by. I can't hear, but as long as no one startles me, I'm fine. I like crunchy things like potatoe chips.



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