Saturday, February 05, 2005

I know if I can reconnect these cords then I can probably make an outgoing signal that will block the incoming signals to everyone's cable and then I can take over the world and demand tons of catnip and a pillow made of furry stuff. These cords are the trick; I know they are. Wait, what was that click? Act like a cat, act like a cat. ~Shadow Posted by Hello


Blogger Roopunzel said...

You were almost caught!


p.s. My Mommy is from Oahu!

1:54 PM

Blogger Wm. said...

Finally, a picture of the elusive Shadow!

10:54 PM

Blogger LoczKat said...

What a stinky Shadow. She finally was caught, now we know who makes the computers fail, it isn't your husband like everyone originally thought :). Love you guys -- Loczkat

8:43 AM

Blogger one of us said...

Was your Mommy born on Oahu and then moved. My Mom likes it here really well and so do I. I have lived here all my kitty life. ~shadow

1:34 PM

Blogger Roopunzel said...

Yuppers, my mommy was born there and then had to move. She got to go back this past Summer tho' for work and she didn't take me! She was gone for a month and I missed her.


11:56 AM


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