Saturday, March 12, 2005

Awhile back I managed to get out of my home and do a little exploring. Now I don't think it was on the people's agenda to let me out, but little Kinsey dropped me by accident and I figured as long as I had the opportunity, I would see what is out there. So I started under the couch. I guess I ended under the couch too, but I have a very fun game while under there. Mom decided that it was time for me to go in, but I really didn't want to. She even put my boyfriend Nicci down by the couch to try and persuade me to come out. No go.

So then she got the broom and gently moved it under the couch in a sweep so she could nudge me to the edge; however, every time the broom got close, I hoped over it and ran back to the top to start over again. Then I would run with the broom handle and hop over it and start again. We did this over and over; it was soooo much fun. I had a big smile on my face it was such a fun game. But I don't think Mom thought it was that much fun for some reason. ~Aeowen


Blogger Timmy said...

Aeowen, it's always fun, even if your bean's face doesn't show it. I do think kind of thing with my Mommy all the time. I love to watch her face get all pink and frustrated. LOL!!

6:20 AM

Blogger Timmy said...

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6:21 AM


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