Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Mewmorial Day everyone. Over here in poi land it has been overcast and nice and cool for the holiday. Hawaii is so beautiful, but it can get hot in the summer. Since it was cooler it was a purrfect cat rest day. Mom just got home from work and Merlin is playing with her by hiding in the big pool in the litter room. He jumps out andgrabs at the curtain. ~Shadow and Ko Ko

It is a very fun game. I suggest all poodies try it, just don't pull down the curtain, that makes Moms mad. I did grab the rug on the side of the pool and hide it in the pool. What fun. Mom is a fun 'bean. ~Merlin

Merlin is a very funny boy. ~'bean Mom

We had fresh carrots, broccoli, and peapods today, which is good because Mom thought she would be funny and put wasabi balls in our food mix. They are scattered alll over the cage right now. We refuse to pick them up. NOT funny Mom. ~Rodentia.


Blogger Bastya and Vincent said...

Ack! Wasabi balls! Tall Thing eats those horrible things! If she ever tries that on me, I'll give a good kick and chew attack!

7:21 PM


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