Monday, May 02, 2005

It's been pretty quite around here lately. Summer is on the way and the weather is heating up, which means nice lazy days full of napping, napping, and napping. This is something all of us excel at. Salsa sleeps on his belly sometimes with his feet out the back. It is funny. Merlin sleeps on his back with his feet up in the air.

All of us love it when Mom spends time with us and we are looking forward to more and more play time as she gets used to her "work" schedule. I think play time is more important than "work" especially when it takes Mom off from us. I think Kinsey kitten agrees.

I know Mom said she wants to work on her photography this summer so she will be taking lots of pictures of everyone. So get ready to see them.



Blogger Timmy said...

Oh I just LOVE pictures! Mommy's been taking some pictures of her flowers that the big bad deer ate. When she posted them, they got a little funny but the originals are really fancy lookin! Check 'em out sometime! www.toursandjourneys.blogspot.com

10:10 PM

Blogger DuDe said...

um......wad is this s'pose 2 be???? a cat and rat thingy??? wad plz tell me... Coz I am confused about wad u r tokin bout......??? I couldn't read the whole thing.. Am I s'pose 2???

Ps:wad reely is this blog bout?

3:37 AM

Blogger one of us said...

Ummm, Dude perhaps you should stay away from the human crack...it sounds like you may have overindulged. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

11:24 AM


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