Sunday, October 30, 2005

5 Things Lists

5 Things by The Poi Cats-Merlin, Shadow, and Ko Ko

5 Things We plan to do before we die:
1) Catch one of the vermin
2) Eat much more stinky goodness
3) Play with all of our toys until every last one is shredded
4) Sleep often
5) Investigate every object Mom brings home thoroughly

5 Things we can do:
1) Takes lots of naps
2) Wrestle and agrue with each other
3) Put the bites on Dad
4) Watch the vermin
5) Eat, eat, eat and eat

5 Things we cannot do:
1) Eat the vermin, touch the vermin, smell the vermin, pat the vermin, etc.
2) Fill our food bowls with crunchies or stinky goodness
3) Play with plastic bags
4) Eat (rip up) Mom's flowers and plants
5) Poop in Kinsey kitten's room

5 Things that attract any of us to the opposite sex:
Not sure - we are all fixed, but a cuddly face (like Ghost's) helps

5 Things we say most often:
1) Mrowww
2) Reowww
3) Puuurrrrr
5) Hissssssss

5 Celebrity crushes:
1)All of our blogging poodie friends-we luv all of you guys and girls
2)Merlin luvs Ghost


Blogger Mia and Ghost said...

Ghost is blushing under her white fur!


7:12 AM

Blogger Lynn said...

We'd love to see the rattie's lists. Please??

10:43 AM

Blogger moseskitty said...

Perhaps you are not trying hard enough to get the vermin. How hard can you head butt?

6:52 AM


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