Thursday, January 19, 2006

Well you don't seem to be too bad even though you smell funny...Fig  Posted by Picasa


Blogger Wm. said...

Just make sure he knows who rules the place, Fig!

7:37 AM

Anonymous Jasper said...

Fig, looks like he might be willing to share some salad...

11:51 AM

Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

That is one huge salad for a little bun! Fig is cute all stretched out like that...wanting to see, but not get too close, just in case!

4:40 PM

Blogger Edsel/The Pooch said...

how do you all get along??? seems like an unlikely group... are you all on tranqs or somethin'?

8:42 PM

Blogger Lynn said...

haha! I gotta wonder if anything happened after Poi Mom turned the camera off. :)

10:51 AM

Blogger one of us said...

I will WM. I will.

I like salad, but not that much, Jasper.

Thank you SS&S.

We just get along because Mom says too. No tranqs or anything. We try for Mom. Sometimes it doesn't work, but most of the time it does, Edsel.

Nope nothing happened after the camera was turned off. We were good, Lynn and ratties.


2:24 PM

Blogger Simone said...

I'm with Edsel. Gotta be drugs. Maybe not tranqs, but y'all gotta be on somethin'.

7:18 AM


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