Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bad Bunny Burns Report - 11 Apr 06

Dear Fellow Fluffy Bloggers,


...may I ask exactly what is hassenpfeffer? Anyone?

Actually, I have been a pretty good bun lately by my standards. I have taken it easier on Mom's books lately. This week I only have one actual book to my credit, the spine that is and no book covers. I did, however, eat several patterns. They are VERY tasty.

I currently am refusing to use my nice portable potty box when I am out for doots. I do sit in it and enjoy the view though, so I don't see why Mom is complaining. It's not like it is not being used.

The other day Mom brought a beautiful boquet of ginger, bird of paradise, and palm leafs as salad. I'm not sure why she put them in that funny tall bowl, but I was still able to eat the palm leaves and Merlin enjoyed the flowers. It was wonderful roughage and a nice break from romaine.

There have been whispers about another VET visit for a removal, but since I am a super healthy bun, I don't believe it has anything to do with me. As far as I know, I have no extra parts either.

The noisy upstairs vermin are doing fine even though it has been even louder with the young ones opening their eyes and moving around A LOT now. I didn't know 9, inch-long pieces of fluff could sound like a herd of elephants, but they do. I have discussed it with Mrs. Vermin, but she was rather distracted and exhausted looking, so I don't know how much really got through. Mom said to stop complaining.

~Rabbie Burns


Blogger Max said...

The Woman says you don't wanna know what hassenpfeffer is, but she assures me its very tasty...

8:25 PM

Blogger Wm. said...

I thought it was a cookie, the kind that makes my nose all white because I won't eat it, only sniff it real close.

I wish I could have flowers for dinner. I bet I'd like the palm too. I like plants.

8:59 PM

Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Mr. Burns sounds like you are large & in charge! You gots pretty feet too!

8:11 PM

Blogger Sham said...

rabbie you is a plottin little bunbun and i am glad you r mi onarary minyon and when my fanclub is started up there will be sumfin in it fer you tooo!

Rabbie, you are deceptively cute,

2:50 AM

Blogger Diva Kitty's Mom said...

Rabbie - you look a little like mini-me there...

6:14 PM

Blogger Edsel/The Pooch said...

i wonder what you'll think when the babies become mobile - it should be interesting!

9:17 PM

Blogger Hops & Robyn said...

What neat coloring you have! You almost look like the cat! I bet those flowers were yummy, huh? I've only tried roses and carnations, and both are tastilicious.

5:34 PM


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