Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why we blog.....

We haf been tagged by One-Eyed Jack with a meme.

5 Reasons we blog:

1. We luv to meet and read about fluffies all ofer the world.

2. Fluffies should stand together and wif bloggin we can.

3. We luv to help fluffies in need in our community. That is what makes the world go 'round.

4. We learn a lot by readin' other's blogs.

5. "Infinite diversity in infinite combinations." to quote Mr Spock. Who could represent this concept better than us bloggers? We set the bar.

My girl Bonita Chinchilla, you divine fluffy, I thought you would like to know that Mom tried to trance me yesterday and after I snuck up and peed on her jeans and hopped off. It was quite funny.

We tag any fluffy or 'bean who would like to participate.

~Very Bad Rabbie Burns


Blogger Daisy said...

You are cute. I like to learn more about bunnies.

7:25 PM

Blogger DK & The Fluffies said...

You are so cute in that picture Mr. Rabbie

10:01 PM

Blogger Karen Jo said...

You are indeed a very bad bun, Rabbie. I like your reasons for blogging.

11:55 PM

Blogger Tara said...

You are an awfully cute bun! And great reasons to blog!

12:06 AM

Blogger Cis said...

You write words of wisdom, Mr. Rabbie Burns

The Ratties from The Rats Inn

1:05 AM

Blogger Gemini said...

Those are furry good reasons to blog! And what a great photo.

9:14 AM

Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Heh Heh! You are devilish Mr. Burns! Tell her peeing on the jeans is just another way to say "I love you"
PS: mom ordered the New Yorker book of cats you reviewed and it came yesterday. She is gonna send it to gramma for her birthday in May. The Booth cartoons have always been gramma's favorites.

1:46 PM

Blogger Rattie said...

You are adorable!!

We realise you are not a rat but wish your rattie friends a Happy World Rat Day (April 4th) for us!

6:20 PM

Blogger muffinmidi said...

Muffin: I blog because I like to meet kitties from all over.
Midi: I blog because the cat blogs. And Rabbie, don't worry, I pee all over my mommy a lot. She only gets a little mad.
Tracy: I blog because I want to get to kno other humans. Jane, I was so excited. I found three volumes of an old Time-Life book series in a thrift shop. Volume one is on the Sumerians. I'm really enjoying that book. The other volumes are on Africa and the Age of Exploration. The books were out of sequence, so those were the only volumes left. The series was published in the 60s or 70s and is called "Great Ages of Man'

9:18 PM

Blogger Miss Bonita said...

Oh Rabbie, the most handsome of all, you ARE funny! Riley, the Beast-Master, has decided to punish the little birdies by charging at them and barking. The only problem is that they are way high in the air and he ends up jumping and barking at me! It's so annoying. So the other night I pee-pee'd on his head. That sure taught him a lesson!

Let's see, reasons why I blog...
1. I love writing to Rabbie.
2. I love reading about Rabbie.
3. I love getting messages from Rabbie.
4. I love seeing pictures of Rabbie (he's so cute and handsome!).
5. I love flirting with Rabbie, especially on Riley's blog 'cause it makes him cranky!

Love and kisses from your girl,
Miss Bonita

(Ed. Note: Nita's Mommy here: my "Little Miss" has a very one-track mind when it comes to Rabbie. In her world, it's all about Rabbie!) : )

9:45 PM

Blogger William said...

Fluffies rule too! I've learned a whole bunch about fluffies here!

9:56 PM

Blogger somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

How funny you are, Mr. Burns! Our Momma blogs mostly to share her bunny and knitting adventures with the world. She also loves reading everyone elses stories like yours and other Bunny-owning folks.
Hope you have a great Easter full of treats that the Great Big Bunny brings you!

5:14 AM

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