Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rabbie here, and I'm taking over...

OK...this moving thing has taken a bad turn. See, while the movers were here the humans put us all in the VERY SMALL half bafroom (aka "human potty box"). That wasn't so bad, 'cause I have a neat new hutch (it's called a "travel cage", but it's small, dark, and bun-like).

What was bad was the whining, hissing, growling, and fighting the felines did. Shadow (who previously was the head cat and overall queen of the tribe) not only failed miserably at controlling the other cats, she started the fights. They also trashed the human potty box...it stank. The ratties (much more well behaved, I might add) and I were mightily offended.

So, it is my decision that I am deposing her as tribal ruler-in-chief and head fluffy.

("All Hail Ran Bun I, Emperor of Fluffy Tribe!")

And it is my imperial decree that the Fluffy Tribe will:

1. Not whine, hiss, growl, or fight when in close quarters, lest they offend His Imperial Majesty.
2. Do whatever His Imperial Majesty demands.
3. Cats will now pay tribute equal to 1/4 of their food per day.
4. I am to be henceforth referred to as "Your Imperial Majesty".

Do not annoy His Imperial Majesty with annoying immature cat behavior again, not if thou has further use of thine head! My loyal vassals (the ratties) will raise an army and lay waste to those who disobey me.


His Imperial Majesty
Ran Bun I


Blogger Daisy said...

I am very sorry Rabbie, but I cannot support your decision to overthrow the feline ruler. Cats must always rule. It is the natural order of things. But you can still be part of the royal court. OK?

10:11 AM

Blogger Mrs. Sniffles said...

Congratulations on your new position, Imperial Magesty Rabbie Burns Ran Bun!

11:33 AM

Blogger DK & The Fluffies said...

Sorry Daisy, as cute as you are, BUNS RULE!

12:06 PM

Blogger Miss Bonita said...

Rabbie, you have always been King in my eyes! All Hail King Rabbie Ran Bun the 1st, His Imperial Majesty and Benevolent Ruler of the Fluffy Tribe!

(does this now mean that I'm your princess?)

11:15 PM

Anonymous Ran Bun I said...

Actually, my dear Bonita, it is "empress". And you can now have people address you as "Your Imperial Majesty" :)


Ran Bun I
(AKA Rabbie Burns)

11:40 PM

Blogger jenianddean said...

This could shake some delicate groundwork in the tribe, let's hope the rats don't decide to rebel, too. I do agree that the behavior is unacceptable, though. When we're locked in the bathroom (a disgrace) I simply take to the sink and take a long nap.

7:30 AM

Blogger Cisje said...

Your Imperial Majesty,
We are impressed you are so brave in these difficult times. Of course we believe that Rats Rule, but if they agree with your rules, it's ok with us.

Dear Imperial Magesty Rabbie Burns Ran Bun,
humble greetings from The Rat's Inn..

8:06 AM

Anonymous Cheysuli said...

I can understand your distress. I do hope you are able to control those cats.

I think it's a bit of the human's fault for trying to put you all in a bathroom together...

9:24 AM

Blogger muffinmidi said...

You did absolutely the right thing. Sometimes those cats have to know who is boss.
Midi, the guinea pig half of Muffinmidi

8:12 PM

Blogger DK & The Fluffies said...

Princess Sophia we nominated you as a Rockin' Blogger

10:53 PM

Blogger Victor Tabbycat said...

I's afraid the cats will overturn yur rule cuz they gots bigger teefs an claws. I suggest you watch yur tail.

PS Is Punkin a rattie?

4:32 PM

Blogger Rattie said...

Of course we are with Cisje that Rats Rule but whatever quiet revolution you embark on we will be supportive.

6:16 PM

Blogger Benjamin Fuzz said...

Your Imperial Majesty, long may you reign.


2:12 AM

Blogger L.Bo Marie said...

lol... Your Imperial Majesty... please don't tell Fynn-Bun that this is an option... there could be trouble!!!
Pray the travel goes well, and fast!
Norty's Mom... errr. now Fynn's Mom

2:45 PM

Blogger Shilgiah the Cat said...

Is your family all moved yet? Let us know how things are when you do get settled.

2:44 PM

Blogger Hops & Robyn said...

Rabbie, you always make us laugh! We been busy lately, but I love visiting your blog!

7:57 PM

Blogger Trish said...

May your Move be whineless and hissless, King Rabbie!

2:11 PM


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