Wednesday, March 05, 2008

WomanRats & WomanCat Wednesday & WomanSpider

Nymphadora Tonks (who is not amused
she was left out at first) I'm sorry Tonks!


Morgan LeRat

Morgana LeRat

Meepit MadRat

Leela LeRat

Princess Sophia LeRat

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Blogger Lynn said...

Those are some bee-yoo-tiful womanrats! Such sweet faces.

11:43 AM

Blogger Daisy said...

Shadow is beautiful, and so are all of the wonderful WomanRats!

12:00 PM

OpenID divakitty said...

Purrs Princess Sophia!

12:23 PM

Anonymous Tale said...

Lefty wants me to say that he thinks Morgana looks adorable.

1:30 PM

Blogger Cheysuli and gemini said...

What lovely woman power you have in your home!

3:01 PM

Blogger William said...

I like this kind of Wednesday!


8:44 PM

Blogger archi's mum said...

someday... someday... i will live in a place where i can have tons of animals of all shapes and sizes ;-)

9:00 PM

Blogger Rattie said...

Great looking ladies!

9:18 AM

Blogger Ariel said...

Wonderful Woman Wednesday Photos :)

11:43 AM

Blogger China Cat said...

Look at all those wonderful woman faces! Sweet!

Purrrrs, China Cat

12:01 PM

Blogger Chairman Mao said...

Wowie, those are beeyootiful pickshures, alla them! Momma used to have a purretty tarantula like that, too. She wented to the Spidur Rainbow Bridge last summur.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

6:17 PM

Blogger Cisje said...

Ahh...so many beautiful WomanRats! :-)

And yes, although she looks a bit "tough", of course Tonks is a lady too and cannot be left out ;-)

Your Friends from The Rat's Inn

6:48 AM

Blogger FrecklesandDeb said...

Tonks is very, uh, pretty -- in her own spider way!

Does Oprah know about all the Sisterhood at your house? That's some wonderful womenpower you've got there! You go, girls!

6:56 AM

Blogger Lux said...

What great pictures of everyone - even Nyphadora Tonks!

1:26 PM

Blogger Miss Steffy said...

Glad to see everyone is doing well, and very pretty.

9:54 PM

Blogger Trish said...

Such a lovely bunch of ladies!

9:56 PM

Anonymous Paula said...

Lefty wants me to say that he thinks Morgana looks adorable. 1:30 PM  

1:00 AM


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