Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Sherlock aka "Dobby"

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Blogger Kavan said...

You look very thoughtful there...

Welcome back, we missed you!

Kavan and Tara

11:35 PM

Anonymous Tale said...

Yo Sherlock, you're on the wrong side of the keyboard. Unless of course you're looking for the cable to chew through... :-p

1:23 AM

Blogger Shilgiah the Cat said...

You do look like Dobby! Hahahaha...you are very cute though.

5:10 AM

Blogger Cheysuli and gemini said...

Sherlock, isn't it hard to type from that side?

9:09 AM

Blogger Daisy said...

Sherlock, you are a very cute little rat. I like your teensy, tiny fingers.

9:54 AM

Blogger Cisje said...

Sherlock, you really look like the Brave Dobby! But you also look exactly like some sort of rock artist! And OF COURSE you are at the wrong side of the keyboard. That's just part of the show!

I would love to kiss you, you look so cute and soft!

Mom from The Rat's Inn

10:17 AM

Blogger The Rattie Crew said...

Sherlock, you look absolutely adorable!!

3:39 PM

Blogger Lux said...

Oh look at those teensy teensy toes - how cute!

5:09 PM

Blogger FrecklesandDeb said...

He is a bit Dobby-like, isn't he! How funny!

5:56 PM

Blogger The Bunns said...

Aawwwkkk .... run Rabbie, RUN!

6:45 PM

Blogger Tesla said...

Sank yoo fur lightin candles wif meh. I will be doin dis all weekend long.


I hope yoo join ins!

5:19 PM

Blogger mum of critters said...

how is it that he's soooo adorable?!!! would that be harry potters dobby? very cute and is he eating his foot?!!

11:58 PM

Blogger Ariel said...

So adorable :)

6:05 AM

Blogger Quasi said...

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10:39 AM

Blogger Miss Steffy said...

We missed you guys so much!! Hope you got to do some major chillaxin

11:30 PM

OpenID spatulahandle said...

Oh my goodness what a little cutie! My brothers used to have rats for pets, they are so much fun. We had mice too and all kinds of other critters.

7:45 PM

Blogger Forty Paws said...

Look at those adorfable ears!!! How Kyoot!

Luf, Us

12:16 PM

Blogger Drusilla Kehl said...

OMG I LOVE that photo!!

1:44 PM


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