Sunday, January 09, 2005

No way....

No way some impudent little vermin is going to introduce me. My name is Merlin. One of these days, I'm going to catch the little triple spotted one off guard.

I love my Mom. Last night I woke her up when the rain started pouring down. It was getting me wet in the window. She told me to move, but then she closed the window a bit so I could still see without getting wet. Then I went and laid down next to her so she wouldn't be lonely. Only I get to sleep with her at night, no vermin. They have to be locked up in their cage. I get to run around. Sometimes I sleep with my little person, Kinsey. She is Mom's kitten. I keep watch over her to make sure she is okay because I consider her my Kinsey sister. She calls me her cat brother.

Shadow is my other cat friend. She is kind of a loner, but sometimes she will lick my head or ear. If I lick her she slaps me. She can't hear, but her fur is really soft. Kinsey is Shadow's pet and she is the only one Shadow likes to snuggle with although sometimes, Shadow sleeps on Mom's bed.



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