Monday, February 21, 2005

Contrary to popular belief I do enjoy having my picture taken sometimes and I'm not antisocial. I like to rest on Mom's chair with my legs hanging down and my head over the edge. It allows me to fully relax and meditate in the khama cat pose. It is not true that I fall asleep in this pose, that would defeat the purpose. Yes, I sometimes fall asleep in the lotus purr pose, but that is entirely different. I enjoy kitty yoga and strongly advise everyone to try it. It keeps me very flexible. The other benefit is my ability to stretch and reach and leap up into the air when I want and land as soft as a bug on whatever I land on. Mom says this is because I am part Siamese, but I don't know. I contribute it to my study of the Eastern meditation techniques and my kitty yoga.  Posted by Hello


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