Sunday, February 13, 2005

After lots of good advice from fellow poodies I have decided it is not a good idea to run away from home. Plus, today was tuna day. I almost forgot.

I had my revenge though. I poked my Mom's butt through the dining room chair while she was eating. That always gets a good reaction and attention. Then I went over and grabbed Kinsey kitten's hair through her chair. Yes, revenge is sweet. And so is tuna.



Blogger Timmy said...

Mmm tuuuna. I love tuna juice! And I have these yummy tuna puffs that are real good! I'm glad you decided to stay with your beans. I bet they are too! And yes, Revenge Is SWEET!! I got Mommy back one morning when I tried to take the hairtie out of her hair while she was sleeping heh hee...

11:39 AM

Blogger Roopunzel said...

MmmmMmmmmm, tuna! I like it canned and especially love it raw & fresh from the fish market.


7:57 PM


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