Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Here is the new baby kitty Ko Ko who would like to say hello. I don't know if you can see his blue, blue eyes, but they are there. He is still very skittish. I (Merlin and Shadow and now Ko Ko's Mom) was lucky enough to rescue this little guy from the Hawaiian Humane Society. I don't know who would give him up. He is starting to fit in just fine, although Shadow is still hissing. Merlin is willing to give him some space and maybe strike up a conversation one of these days. Ko Ko has proven to be a good little house cat so far. He likes to climb, but that is normal for his breed I believe. The HHS said he is a purebred. He is not show quality however from what the Tunkinese website said, which is perfectly fine with me since I just want to welcome him into our family. He is very sweet and likes to sit on laps and purr and knead. He has big feet and claws. Posted by Hello


Blogger Timmy said...

What a little sweetie! Welcome to the family KoKo! I can't wait until you learn how to type :) I like how he cradles in like a little baby...it's really cute! If he lived near us, he could come and climb on my condo! I would let him! yup!

7:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet baby! Is he named after Koko the detective cat in Lillian Jackson Braun's "The Cat Who..." series? Lynne

8:37 AM

Anonymous Avery said...

What a handsome little boy!

William's mom

7:28 PM


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