Monday, April 18, 2005

I'm finding that things are rather quiet here in my new household. I'm glad I have a bruther and seester to talk to who will show me the ropes. Well, Merlin will anyways. Shadow keeps to herself a lot. I am a lot more relaxed that when I first got here. I still run when someone comes in the door, but I come out after awhile. I love to lay on my Mom's lap when she is watching TV and sometimes Merlin gets up there with us. He is a cool bruther.  Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ko-Ko,
You are such a very cute kitty.
Shilgiah (Aunt M's kitty)

8:49 AM

Blogger one of us said...

Thank you Shilgiah. How do you pronounce your name? ~Ko Ko

11:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Ko Ko,

You have beautiful blue eyes. I am a blue eyed kitty too. My sister Ghost has one gold eye (the other eye got infected & had to be removed).


(Ghost is sleeping)

3:43 PM


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