Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mom lost her voice Sunday night and hasn't found it yet. I have been helping her out by looking for it, but I haven't found it either. I didn't know 'beans could lose their voices, go figure.

The new little guy is okay. I'm getting used to him. He uses my bediby basket and my cat box and my cat bowl and my water fountain, but you know share and share a like I say. I taught him how to patrol the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom. He learns quick. I showed him how to put a paw under the cabinet door edge and flick it open and he got it after a couple of tries. Now we take turns patrolling. It leaves me more time to help Mom out.

Mom is giving me lots of sugars because she is home until she finds her voice. This could take awhile. I wonder if I find it first and then hide it again if she will stay home for good? That probably wouldn't be nice, but a poodie has to consider all his options.



Blogger Wm. said...

I agree about the options. I love having my mom home all the time too but she goes hunting like your mom.

It's good too to have a brother you can teach things to!

9:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you & your brother are getting along. Hope your mom gets well soon. She has to feel like going out some so she can buy cat food, treats, toys, etc....

Mia & Ghost

7:41 AM

Blogger Timmy said...

Hi Merlin :)
Please tell your Mommy to be very careful with her voice! My Mommy is a voice teacher and she says not to whisper at all. Most beans think it's ok to whisper when they lose their voice but it's bad. Your Mommy is better off just resting and writing down things. Oh, she also said to make her hum and pretend to chew stuff with her mouth closed (like pretend to have gum). She says this helps your vocal chords feel better. (Sounds crazy to me but you know beans...they are crazy!!)

Sounds like KoKo is warming up to the place huh? When will we hear from the little poodin?

6:03 PM

Blogger Ginger said...

Well neato neato that you have a little brother to teach things to! I want a brother!

Oooh scary that your Mommy lost her voice. I've never had my Mommy lose hers. I'd probably hide it too tho' so that she could be home a lot too!

8:22 AM


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