Thursday, May 19, 2005

Merlin's Perfect Poodie Morning

It is a VERY nice day today here in poi land. There is drizzly rain, which will probably give way to sunshine in a little while. That will create some steam to rise up off of the plants and pavement and boy will it be muggy.

But this morning was the best. I got to snuggle up between Mom and Kinsey kitten and get lots and lots of poodie lovins. I purred and purred and Mom and Kinsey kitten scritched and scratched and petted my fur. They talked to me too and let me join on their morning conversation.

I loved it. So did Mom and Kinsey kitten. I could tell.



Blogger Wm. said...

How lucky you are!

8:43 PM

Blogger Timmy said...

It is always nice to have perfect mornings like that Merlin :) I could just tell that when you said it had drizzled and then the sun thing was coming out that it was gonna get muggy. That's one thing I don't like very much about the summers here in Mew Jersey. They can get pretty humid and muggy. I like the weather we're having though. It's unseasonably cool and the sun thing is always shining :) Perfect "hang out on the deck" weather for Mommy and Me!

7:45 AM


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