Wednesday, November 02, 2005

5 Things Lists

5 Things by Rodentia in Poiland-Salsa, Pip"squeak", Horatio Phinneus Newton aka Fig, Georgie (Jorje), Aeowen, Narnia, Josie, Ford Prefect, Arthur Dent

5 Things We plan to do before we die:
1) Drive the cats insane
2) Talk Mom into keeping the rat condo doors open all the time
3) Hide all of the cat toys after chewing on then thoughtfully
4) Tasting every edible item in the condo
5) Moving into the couch

5 Things we can do:
1) Sneaking into the rat girls condo (Rat Boys)
2) Unmercifully teasing the rat boys by waving our scented butts in their faces, while hanging on the outside of their condo just out of reach (Rat Girls)
3) Enjoying gourmet meals from Mom when she feels like sharing (not often enough)
4) Yelling, shrieking, clawing, and overall acting like dying idiots while Mom is showering us
5) Pulling anything within reach, ie. that Mom is stupid enough to leave close, into the rat condos

5 Things we cannot do:
1) Tease the cats by dancing around where they can see and then running off when they pounce
2) Fill our own food bowls
3) Turn off the shower
4) Tease members of the opposite rodent sex
5) Poop anywhere in the house

5 Things that attract any of us to the opposite sex:
1) smelly butts
2) fluffy fur
3) bright eyes
4) a sense of humour
5) intelligence

5 Things we say most often:
1) tch, tch, tch (the grinding of our teeth to say we are content or happy)
2) ouyt, ouyt, ouyt (a sound made in our throat to communicate with humans-much prettier than words)
3) foof, foof, foof (a sound made by blowing out through the front teeth-to get our pets attention or let them know we care, best if done in ear)
4)boggling (not a sound but an acti of communication where we blow air up through a flap in the roof of our mouths making our eyes "boggle" or look like they are going to fly out of the socket-only done when VERY happy-warning: may freak out human pets when seen for the first time 'our Mom though Nic was having a seizure when she saw him do it for the first time')
5) yawn (also an act of contenment and tiredness)

5 Celebrity crushes:
1)Arthur and other Rat in a Box rodentia
2)Bastya and Vincent
3) Orlando Bun and Fiona Bun
4) Coda and other Rattie Rats
5) Ollie
6) Everyone else-we are very loving rodentia


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Anonymous abita said...

Ooh, Arthur is most flattered! (But maybe a bit embarrassed too...he's pinker than usual. ;-) )

2:26 PM

Blogger Orlando Bun said...

Oh my, my white fur is all pink...

6:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You pick me?! Binkies all around!

11:58 AM

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