Thursday, March 23, 2006


We have some very happy if really surprising news....

There are new little squeaks in our home. About a month or so ago, Poi Mom Jane picked up two new little ratties. She thought they were both boys, but wasn't quite sure about one of them. Well guess what?

One was a girl and there are 10 little rat babies born just a couple of hours ago.

Mom was really surprised!!! But they are very cute in all their little pinkness.

~Merlin (yes, even I go all soft for little babies, no matter the species)


Blogger Max said...

Wow! Do we get to see pictures? I...um THE WOMAN...likes baby anythings. She used to raise hamsters and misses them. She liked the babies best of all.

8:32 PM

Anonymous abita said...

Oh my goodness, thht's some surprise. Congratulations! I look forward to one day watching eepers grow up.

6:30 PM

Blogger Luna said...

and where is the babys? Congratulations!
I cannot still register in Secret Paws!! sniff! ^^

2:55 PM


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