Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pinky's Adventures in Poiland

Yeay, Pinky has arrived in Poiland and is given a lei by Shadow.

Shadow and Merlin welcome Pinky to their home.

Shadow gives Pinky a friendly Poiland kiss.

Merlin and Pinky discuss, um, something.....

Ko Ko begrudgingly accepts a new addition to the family
worrying that Pinky may take away from his cuddle time, silly Ko Ko.

"Here I meet an exotic brass cat." says Pinky.

"And this is the friendly if rough alley cat crew," introduces Pinky.

"This group included the uptown cats who club alot." explain Pinky.

Pinky smiles and says, "These little mousies were lots of fun."

"Here is He'e, that's Hawaiian for Octopus." giggles Pinky.

"Then I got to meet the ratties. Here is Ford Prefectrat and Arthur Dentrat."

"Arthur gave me a nice ratty hug."

"Georgie petted my ear so softely." purred Pinky.

"Rabbie Burns was kinda surprised to meet me, but he was okay......."

"...until he bit me." cried Pinky.

"Phippa Marlow Shakespearerat whispered 'It's okay' in my ear,
and gave me a kiss to make my bite better." smiles Pinky.
"And that is my introduction to the Poiland Tribe's home.

We in Poiland want to thank The Mostly Black Cats: Boni, Mini, Sanjee, Pepi, and Gree and thier Momma for sending Pinky to us. We love him!!!! Mom says she will post a link to your Momma's bead website soon.

Mahalo and Aloha efurryone,
Poiland Tribe (including Pinky)


Blogger PrincessMia said...

Welcome Pinky! You look like you fit right in.

10:28 AM

Blogger Hot(M)BC said...

Ohhhhhhh Pinky looks so happy! Yay! I'm glad Pinky got there ok. Pinky fits right in like Mia said. :) :)

~~ Sanjee and the Hot(M)BC crew

11:41 AM

Blogger Bunny Daddy said...

Welcome Pinky... I know you will have such fun in Poiland!!!

As for RABBIE... TAG!!! You are it!

Put your iPod on shuffle and blog the first 20 songs in the shuffle. (Daddy did it for me 'acuz he says i would eat the wires)

Mrs. Sniffles
(Note this post was dictated to Bunny Daddy but was not read by me, prior to its posting)

11:53 AM

Blogger Norway Ratty said...

Yay Pinkie! I know you'll love your new home.

2:00 PM

Blogger Les Trois Chats said...

What a nice welcome for Pinky!

3:06 PM

Blogger Derby said...

WooHooo. Pinky made it all the way to Hawaii. Vir-ginger says Hi.

5:45 PM

Blogger Wm. said...

But who got to eat the flowers???

7:33 AM

Blogger pandora and charlie said...

Don't forget my birthday party! Starting in about an hour, bring drinks and snacks and nip (if you take it, I prefer shrimptinis myself)
Everyone is invited (although, given my age, I may retire frequently!). Paws up, charlie is in charge of the games, he says he got some ideas from recent parties.....[shakes perfect head] actually, for a snotrag he's done a good job!


2:26 PM

Anonymous RebelRat said...

I don't know which I'm loving more - all those Eddings hardbacks or your ratties....


10:45 AM

Blogger Fat Eric said...

Yay, Pinky looks so nice in that lei! I have interesting news on my blog today - fellow gingers Big Eric and Flynn have got a new blog, please visit and say hi to them if you can!

12:34 PM

Blogger Patches & Mittens said...

Looks to us like Pinky is going to fit right in. Pinky looks exceptional well in flowers.

Patches and Mittens

1:06 PM

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