Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Ratz gotted our SP from Miss Bonita Chinchilla.....

Oh looks, what is in the box. Hey we gots a box. Yea
it's from Bonita Chinchilla Shermerhorn. Isn't that Rabbie's
girlfurrriend. Yep, bet that's why Rabbie has a goodie
in here too. We will gif it to him laters. Oh Miss Bonita
you know what us rattiez like. Yummm, yummmm.....

Percy and Dimitrie check out the box of goodies. Oh what do we
grabs firsts?

Percy muches in the back while Dimitrie explains that
the Ratatouille croissants are the best tasting
in the world, simply the best.

Sherlock is sniffing the Ratatouille pies, oh boy! This is
yummmmmmmmmm. I gets this one.

Harry is enjoying the yoggies berries that you sent Miss
Bonita. They are SOOOOOO good and we likes to eat
the outside berry part off first and then eat the inside.
Oh this is delicious.

Fluffy Percy finds the berry pile, oh boy. Do I want berries
or do I want yoggies, oh decisions, decisions.

Little old Ms Morgana is 'vestigatin' those yoggies too and
maybe a croissant and a berry.

She decides on a yoggie and carts it off to eat it where
no one can grab it from her. Yes she is little just like her
momma Morgan LeRat was. She is a little old woman now.

Old man Wolfie, Morgana's broffer, politely reads
the card before sneaking off with a goodie.

He says "Thank you so much Miss Bonita for all the
wonderful goodies. We luv goodies and We luv you
too. Thank you, yummmm."

~The Fluffy Tribe Ratz: Wolfie, Morgana, Percy,
Harry, Sherlock, Dimitrie

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Blogger Dana said...

Oh wow! You guys scored some tasty treats!! Nom nom nom!
~Maggie May and The Creek Cats~

6:09 PM

Blogger Cheysuli and gemini said...

What fun ratty gifts! You guys are lucky! And that box is so cool for all of you!

8:01 PM

Blogger The Bunns said...

I guess good ol' Rabbie comes last again, eh ???? sniff sniff ...

We luvs ya Rabbie!

9:29 PM

Blogger VampyVictor said...

Oh NOM NOM!!! they are wonderful looking treats and I bet will last for ages and ages!!
Momma is still squeeing over her little hands.. ohh they is so beautiful holding on to your foods!!! :))
don't get too full up Buddies! :))


10:42 PM

Blogger Karen Jo said...

You ratties got lots and lots of yummies. I hope that you really enjoy all of them.

2:00 AM

Blogger Cisje said...

We would like to come over and have some of that goodies you got too! :-)

We sure wish we would have those Ratatouille snacks here in The Netherlands, but our Mom says she hasn't found them yet.

We luv the pictures!

Love from your friends from The Rat's Inn
(special hugs from our Mom to Ms Morgana and Old Man Wolfie)

3:25 AM

Anonymous Rattitude said...

What was the best part, the yogies or the box? -grin-

7:27 PM

Blogger FrecklesandDeb said...

That is quite a collection of goodies and looks like it was enjoyed by all!

8:32 PM

Blogger Miss Bonita said...

Oh, I'm so glad that everyone loved their yummies! You all look so cute opening up your prezzies. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Fluffy Tribers!

1:05 AM

Blogger Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Miss Bonita know what ratties like! Those are great tasty presents! You ratties are so darn cute!

9:48 AM

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