Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Tale of Three Rats, One Rabbit and Flowers....

Dimitrie and Annabell: "Just follow me and I'll show
you what to look for...."

Sherlock, Harry, Annabell: "What do you mean run?"

Harry: "So what kinda plant is this one...."

Annabell Lee Bun and Harry: "If I stretch I can just reach

Harry: "Oh yess, quite tasty..."

Dimitrie and Annabell: "So if you grab the flowers like
this you can smell and then chomp...."

Dimitrie: "heh,heh,heh,hee hee , heh ,hee ...."

PS our little Edgar A Bun is a little Annabell Lee Bunny.
whooops !

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Blogger YowlYY said...

Annabell...how cute! I can see she's up to mischief already :))

12:51 PM

Blogger Cisje said...

HA! So the bunnie is a girl :0) She is cute, that's for sure!
And the ratties are too, of course.Very nice how they are getting along together!

Be careful all of you with plants and flowers: they are not all good for your health!

We hope soon there will be a story too about the adventures of the ratties your Mom saved from the bin!

Hugs to all of you!
The Rat's Inn Ratties (and their faithful Human Servant aka Mom)

1:33 PM

Blogger d. moll, l.ac. said...

At first I thought you'd gotten yet another new bun....she's a cutie that Annabel!!!

2:20 PM

Blogger Miss Steffy said...

What a lovely story, it put a big ole grin on my face. We had a case of mistaken gender, its ok, Sally became Solomon, Edgar became Annabel, they just laugh and say "silly mommy and daddy"

4:04 PM

Blogger Cheysuli and gemini said...

We laughed that Edger Allen is now Annabell Lee. We had an Annabelle Lee rat!

6:47 PM

Blogger Rabbits' Guy said...

Well, Edgar was good until he became Annabell! Now she is good!!!!!!!

Does she know about the spider????

9:04 PM

Blogger Karen Jo said...

It isn't always easy to tell the gender, is it? Just ask Brainball. I love the new name. Buns and ratties love flowers.

1:37 AM

Blogger Noir in Texas said...

All you guys get along? The mousies too? Hmm. I like the flowers--did you eat them?

Noir in the Texas

4:20 PM

Blogger Lynn said...

LOL! Poor bun had a confused identity for a bit there. Cute new name, though!

Spoiled ratties and bun getting to eat mom's fresh flowers. You were totally going to share anyway, right? :)

All are adorable, as usual, but I do love me a little Sherlock.

11:34 PM

Blogger ♥ Maya ♥ said...

love your beautiful rats and bunny.
Is that a naked rat I see?

haha, so cute :D

Thanks for commenting on Must. Love. Rats!

Love the name of your blog too - The Fluffy Tribe - LOL!

2:25 AM

Blogger Shilgiah the Cat said...

What cute pictures. Your humans should be properly embarrased for not realizing that you are a pretty little girl bun rather than a little boy bun! Annabell is a beautiful name for a beautiful sweet girl bunny.

3:04 PM

Blogger Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

He He!
Well, at least a viable alternative name was quickly at hand!!!
What cute pictures of those partners in crime!!!

9:42 PM

OpenID thefluffies said...

Playing hours! we love playing hours too!!

8:39 AM

Blogger mum of critters said...

what a fun post - they are having a great time exploring and getting to be good friends!

12:36 AM

Blogger LC, Ayla, and Iza said...

Oh Bast, we thought those were dinner pikturs at first. Sorry.

Um, "Oh they are so cute"...

8:22 PM


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