Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Lazy Mornings

Today I'm spending considerable time in my bediby basket. Mom bought it just for me and it has my favorite catnip blanket inside. No one is on the computer because the rodents don't wake up this early. They consider it an uncivilized hour. Noon is usually the earliest they get up. I like to be up whenever I choose although nothing is like taking a good nap. The mornings are cool right now, and I like that. It makes moving around comfortable. Last night I helped Mom rearrange the vanity top so I can look out the window easier. No I have a long space to stretch out on. I also asked her to move one of her animals that don't move so I can jump up on her dollcase easier. I like to sit on the top and survey my domain. To prove I am King I swipe at anyone who goes by down below. Or I hide and sleep and no one can see me.

I still haven't figured out how to open the closet doors in the room where Mom sleeps yet. But I can open all of the cabinets in the room with all the food. I climb around inside and check things out to make sure everything is okay.



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