Monday, February 21, 2005

Look guys. It is the biggest candy bar in the whole world and it is just lying here. Someone left this here for rat food obviously. Here if we all work together, we can get it back to the condo. ~Nic, Salsa, Fig, Pip Posted by Hello


Blogger Timmy said...

You guys can have that Toblerone! Mommy says if I try to eat it, I will get a very bad tummy ache. I really hate tummy aches so that chocolate's all yours! Good Luck hoisting it back into your condo!

Oh wait...Mommy says she wants a piece :) She went to France a few years ago and she said in the airport, they had a really really big Toblerone! She said it was heavy and a little bit shorter than a baseball bat! Now that's big!

4:15 PM


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