Thursday, August 25, 2005

The strawberries are great, but Mom is on a chili kick and we had chili and rice again tonight...um beans you know. But Mom said to report that Salsa was feeling better if his actions were anything to go by so we aren't sure what his problem is. As far as we (rodentia) are concerned he is fine and nipping as usually. The new boys, Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent are settling in fine and actually seemed to enjoy bath day yesterday. I think there is something wrong with them. Who likes bath day? They also get to talk to the girls more since their condo is up by the girls' condo. Seniority should prevail, but obviously doesn't around here. Hmf. ~Pip

Proof that Salsa is feeling better and back working on his own agenda:

Salsa rapidly approaches Merlin. Why, we aren't sure, but we watch the interaction to see what has him so excited...what idea is in that ratty brain of his?

It seems Salsa has a rather urgent subject to talk to Merlin about; however, as typical, Merlin the poodie is not to interested in rat ideas, etc. so this may take some doing...I wonder what is up?

Yep, definately some ear whispering going on here. Merlin still doesn't seem interested.

Wait a minute, what are those two up too? Now there is definately an exchange of ideas going on. Wait, never mind; I don't want to know...

~Rat Mom


Blogger Lynn said...

Glad to see Salsa-boy up and about. And I agree with not putting them on meds unless it's totally necessary. Hope he's feelin' better. :)

2:38 AM

Blogger SithRat said...

what great pics - looks so much like my salem & my louie. Thanks for the link - hugs to all the clan.

10:53 AM

Anonymous abita said...

Yay, Salsa! Glad you are feeling better.
Enjoy that chili!

6:03 PM

Blogger Edsel/The Pooch said...

i would love to have my own rat. would someboy talk my Mom into it please????

8:18 PM

Blogger Wm. said...

Great pictures! Wonder what Salsa said?

9:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I know cats and rats...I'd keep an eye on my rear, and sleep with the bedroom door locked :)

Glad to hear Salsa is doing better!


7:19 AM

Blogger Trish said...

It's probably best not to know...! :) Greetings by the way - glad to see other rodent lovers around! Come by and visit Wee Little Beasties!

5:11 PM


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