Tuesday, February 14, 2006

THEY'RE BACK and we know Mom would rather have stayed with us because she ran around hugging everyone and making cooie noises and begging our forgiveness before she even brought her bags in.

We made the sitter fell welcome because he was really nice. Ko Ko even sat on his lap. Of course I didn't because I'm the king and I only sit on Mom's lap usually. Shadow stayed under the bed. Rabbie buns pooped piles for Mom to clean up. And the vermin showered the floor with lots of wood shavings. (They usually have fresh towels everyday, but on "vacation" they got wood shaving and boy did they protest.) Mom left bags of greens in the fridge for Rabbie Burns labled "Bunny Bags" and each one had a days worth of salad for him. We had our blessed stinky goodness left out on the counter for the pet sitter to feed us and the vermin had special vermin mix with cereal and goodies mixed in, so we weren't hurting. But we will never tell Mom that.

She should feel SUPER guilty about leaving us all that time. We missed her. And she says she missed us so much she won't go away again for a long time. She brought us treats too.

One sad thing happened while Mom and Kinsey kitten and the Dad where gone. Pip died. Mom had been very worried about him because he was old and had stopped eating before they left, but she had to go to her sister's wedding so she couldn't stay home and now she feels so guilty. The pet sitter said Pip was up and about the night before on Saturday, but the next morning he was passed away. Kinsey kitten cried alot because Pip was her special boy and she loved him so much. Mom cried too and they are both still sad. We miss Pip but know that he is with his brother Salsa over the Rainbow bridge. They were the bestest of pals and brothers too.

Thank you all for your support while Mom was away. She went to Las Vegas for her sister's wedding and then San Francisco to visit Kinsey's Great Grandma who is 95, which is really old for a 'bean Mom says.

So we will update everyone more later.

~Merlin "The Dude"


Blogger Kukka-Maria said...

Welcome back...we missed hearing from you.

We are so sorry about Pip. Losing someone can be so tough. Our thoughts are with you.

8:10 AM

Blogger Eponine's Cowboy said...

Welcome Homes are always the best!!

5:08 PM


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