Monday, May 08, 2006

Letter to the stinky fluffies....

Dear Itsy, Bitsy, Fluffy Little Ones,

I loves you all, ratsies, poodies, and bun. I am going to the beach for three days. Have the problems solved by Thursday when I get back. Have all the mess cleaned up from the protests, parties, elections, street fights, brawls, quarrels, spats, reunions, negotiations, peace treaties, and any other happenings by the time I return.

Since there is such a "situation" going on right now between the poodies and the ratsies, I am putting Rabbie Burns in charge while I am away. Yes, you heard me correctly. Stop that Rabbie right now and listen. Do not, I repeat, do not chew the couch anymore. I just cleaned up the last mess and it is hard to hide chew marks from your Dad when they are on the FRONT of the couch.

Okay, I'm packed. I've left large amounts of crunchies for you all and for your friends and fellow diplomats. All of you have buckets of fresh water. Sorry there will be no home cooked meals or stinky goodness for a few days. You will live.

And remember no selling others to science, no transportation from the apartment for any of you, no cooking at all, no dental floss, no scissors, no sharp implements of any kind, no alcohol, no smoking, and stay out of my yarn. Do not answer the door unless you know who it is and do not accept any collect calls. Oh yes, and I'm turning off the computer. Don't roll your eyes

Poi Mom Jane


Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Mom there has gotta be stuff you missed on that list: toilet paper, chewing shoes, eating rugs, soiling in inappropriate places, oh goodness it could go on & on. I hope the house is still standing when you return.

6:32 PM

Blogger Derby said...

No FUN either.

7:24 PM

Blogger Max said...

Geez, she coulda at least left the computer on for them!

7:51 PM

Blogger Trish said...

Oooo...are you SURE that's good idea leaving the bun in charge?!?

9:34 PM

Blogger Victor Tabbycat said...

Did she say no dancing? I didn't see no dancing on her list. Maybe we should all come by an pratice our Catango and hokey-pokey!

12:26 PM

Blogger Edsel/The Pooch said...

it's really hard bein' home alone. i hope all of you guys will be okay and not get in too much trouble.

6:48 PM


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