Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Costume Contest Entries

This is Rabbie Burns reporting:
we have posted our entries at
Skeezix's Halloween Costoome Contest.
Can anyone tell me what Halloween
Hassenffeffer is?

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Blogger The Bunns said...

We are coming, We are coming .... weee-oooo, weeee-oooo, weeee-ooooo .... clear the way, clear the way ..... bunny rescue squad coming ...... ATTENTION, ATTENTION .... weeee-ooooo, weeee-oooo .....


weee-oooo, weeee-oooo, weeee-oooo .....

There, did that help????

4:59 PM

Blogger Evie/VampyVictor said...

As long as it is not a hassellfohh we are ok... I think....
You is looking might fierce there! :)


5:32 PM

Anonymous Sophia said...

Oh Dear... that's not good Rabbie. Hop away! Hop away!

11:13 PM

Anonymous Tale said...

Hey, that's a cool custume, for a rabbie.

3:13 AM

Blogger FrecklesandDeb said...

OHHHHHHH! That cannot be good -- hop away while you still can!

9:46 AM

Blogger Cisje said...

You are going to win that contest, Rabbie Burns, we are sure of that! That is absolutely the best 'costume' you good ever have!
And you look so fierce!

About the Hassenffeffer...well..you don't want to know, buddy. But we are sure you don't need to worry, as you are loved bij your 'beans!

Love from The Rat's Inn

7:28 AM

Blogger meemsnyc said...

Hehehehe, that is cute!!

10:54 PM

Blogger Isis said...

bunny in the pot,
do da dooo
bunny in the pot,
what do we do?
bunny in the pot,
do da dooo
bunny in the pot,
he'll make a nice stew.....

I sang that just for you. :)

5:46 PM

Blogger Miss Steffy said...

That looks mighty scary, maybe we should dress Gerber in some scary costume. The haunted Hedghog!!!

7:59 PM

Anonymous Lizeth said...

Thanks for suggesting the web link. Well, such type of Halloween costume contests are my all time favorite.

11:31 PM

Blogger Skeezix the Cat said...

Hey, Rabbie!
Yoo and Koko are finulists for Best in Show in the Halloween Costoom Contest! Make shur yoo have evrybuddy go ever thare and vote for yoo!

7:06 PM

Blogger jh an Mickey Mantle said...

cood u take a moment an vote fer halloween squillion uv 2008?
click heer
pleez an thank u.

7:30 PM

Blogger Miss Steffy said...

Happy Halloween everyone

11:51 AM

Blogger mum of critters said...

I don't think you want to know what it is Rabbie - trust me! Just get outta the cauldron!

11:20 PM


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