Saturday, January 29, 2005

Here I am enjoying the view out the window from the girl vermins cage. They sleep most of the day and don't seem to mind when I sit on top of their cage. Mom has spent most of today resting after eating a bug of some kind. If she would have asked me first I could have told her to just play with it and not eat it. So I tucked her in and went to do poodie things. She must have eaten the bug a couple of days ago because she has been complaining for awhile and today is the first day she could rest from it she said. Resting is something beans don't do enough of. Poodies rest a lot and look at how happy we are. ~Merlin Posted by Hello


Blogger Timmy said...

If I tried to lay like that on top of Tangie's cage, Mommy would squirt me! You're so lucky! I am sorry your bean Mommy has a buggie. My Mommy had one a few weeks ago and she wasn't very happy. She kept making funny noises out of her nose and it sounded like she had hairballs that wouldn't go away. I sure hope your bean Mommy doesn't have these problems. Lick her cheek and put some stinky rub on her to make her feel better!

9:23 PM

Blogger Spots said...

My mommy is 12 and she gets sick all the time. I just hang out with her and wath movies.

8:50 PM

Blogger Spots said...

sorry on my last message i meant watch movies not wath movies

8:51 PM


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