Monday, February 28, 2005

This morning Mom made us cream of wheat and then for dinner we had BBQ chicken and potatoes, yummy. All I need to top it off is a chocolate chip.

Now who is going to declare Rodent Appreciation Day?

Mom moved the girl's condo down so they are now on the shelves below us. It is great; we can smell them and talk to them when Mom opens our condo door. Salsa even jumps down on the top of their condo when he can. Otherwise, him and Fig just dump our food down on top of the girls through the slot we have made in the back of the condo. Don't tell Mom though or she will want to close the hole up.



Blogger Wm. said...

Well, in three more years you'll get a WHOLE YEAR (Year of the Rat, 2008), so I'm not sure there needs a special day too. After all, I'm sure Merlin and Shadow will tell you there's no Year of the Cat!

6:41 PM


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