Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bad Bunny Burns Report - 17 May 06

Dear Fellow Fluffy Bloggers,

There is no picture of me this week because I am blogging from behind the couch and Merlin is typing for me. I am still working on the complete destruction of the sofa from within by eating the insides and shredding the outside back.

After spreading an alfalfa cube around the living room today, I managed to sneak behind the couch when Mom wasn't looking. I gave her lots of bunny loves though so she won't be too angry with me when I come out.

I have her wrapped around my little fuzzy paw, little does she know. Dad is another story. He sternly looks at me and says "Bad Bun, No-No." I have him convinced I don't speak English though and for a show of strength whenever he picks me up I show him my pearly whites. I have a sneaking suspicion he thinks this is cute, but not when I use those pearly whites to chew on his shirts.

With Mom all I have to do is put my ears up and mutter in her ear, while she gives me rubs as I lay on her shoulder. She gives fantastic cheek rubs. Then she does whatever I ask. Mom is very good at reading animal body language, so my secret understanding of English will not have to come out.

I love being a Bad Bunny Burns. Life is good. I think I'm getting mustard greens for dinner tonight, and fresh spinach.

Goodbye fellow bloggers,
Until Next Time,
Bunny Burns, BMD

PS Mom posted some info on her blog of one of her favorite singers


Blogger Mrs. Sniffles said...

You're lucky you still have couch priviledges. After chewing on the lamp cord this weekend I gotted punished and now the couch is pushed against the wall and I can't get to it! Now when I run the Bunny 500 I gotta put on the breaks real fast so I don't run into the couch. As Simone would say "hrmph."

12:40 PM

Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

That is amazing the stuff you get away with! Good going brother!

5:02 PM

Blogger Hops & Robyn said...

Wow, you've got those humans whipped Bunny Burns!

7:41 PM

Blogger Patches & Mittens said...

I would be put in kitty jail if i was half as bad as you! Does the sofa taste good?

Patches Lady

10:13 PM

Blogger Zeus said...

Bunny Burns, you are a champion for the Scientific Method. Your human pets are trained so well that we could all stand to learn from your stylized techniques.

10:43 AM

Blogger Badness said...

Bunny whipped. Your parents are bunny whipped! All parents should be whipped in some fashion or another.

Are you on speaking terms with the felines in your home? It seems were were delinquent in welcoming them to the Coats of Many Colors group. Could you please tell them WELCOME!!!! for us?

kitty kisses!

1:33 PM

Blogger Simone said...

Bunny Burns is b-b-b-b-baaaad to the bone! *binkie* It sounds fun to be you.

7:11 PM

Blogger Orlando Bun said...

Duuuuude, you rock binkie hard!

8:18 PM


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