Sunday, September 17, 2006

Arthur Dentrat
~Adopted on 10 July 2005 as an adult
~Passed on 16 September 2006

Best Friend

by Ford Prefectrat

We were together

Little ratlets in a tank

Then just the two of us

Left over.

We were together

She took us home

Even though we were big.

We were together

In a condo by her bed

Sharing pizza, corn, cookies-

Rat goodies.

We were together

In adventures on Mount Couch

And Desert Bed with

Forest Pillows.

We were together

New condo

New room

Begging by the couch

For treats.

We were together

When you got sick

Not much movement.

We were together

To celebrate

New adventures

More times

You moved and ate.

Then you pillowed your head on me

Gasping for air to breath-

We were together.

Now your gone.

I sit in your hammock

Waiting for you.

I miss you.

I’m alone.


Anonymous Tale said...

My sympathies. :'(

9:37 AM

Blogger Norway Ratty said...

Ford Prefectrat, that is the saddest poem I have ever read. My sympathies to you and your human and furry family.

10:10 AM

Blogger Fat Eric said...

Ohhhh...I'm sorry to hear about Arthur. Thinking of you, Ford.

2:36 PM

Blogger Rats & Cats said...

Oh that's heartbreaking - I'm so sorry :(

3:09 PM

Blogger Rattie said...

I'm so sorry for your losss...

3:50 PM

Blogger Wm. said...

Oh no. We're so sorry to learn this. :-(

But I bet Arthur has found Chancey and they're playing happily.

7:24 PM

Blogger Miss Bonita said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss!

10:22 PM

Blogger Max said...


10:40 PM

Blogger Eric and Flynn said...

We's furry sorry to hear about Arthur. That is a luvly pome. Purrs an headbutts to you.

2:19 AM

Blogger THE ZOO said...

wes sorry for yous lost.

2:14 PM

Blogger Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

We are furry sorry. That is a very nice but sad poem, Ford.

3:07 PM

Blogger Fiona Bun said...

To Arthur Dentrat - May your bathrobe always be clean, may your towel always be nearby and may your tea always be hot. We hope you have great travels as you head into the next galaxy.

To Ford & Poi Clan - Our thoughts are with you

3:46 PM

Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we're so sorry, an we agree - that is a beautiful poem, but so sad. it made our Lady's eyes leak a lot

6:34 PM

Blogger Trish said...

Touched deeply, my deepest sympathy...*sniffles*

7:59 PM

Blogger PrincessMia said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. ::purrs::

8:35 PM

Blogger Hot(M)BC said...

Oh, we's so furry sorry to hear this.
Purrs and snuggles

2:33 AM

Blogger The Meezers said...

oh no, we are so sorry about Arthur.

6:42 AM

Blogger Kim said...

How very sorry I am. Your poem made me so sad, it was very touching.

8:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your buddy. Surely Arthur will be missed.
DaisyMae Maus

10:13 PM


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