Friday, September 01, 2006

Murder Mystery End....

News Report....News Report...

We are happy to report that the suspects have been apprehended and have agreed to a plea bargain concerning the death of Chancey Mousepetpet. Both perpentrators have plead guilty to mouseslaughter and been given 1 year of probation during which they are not allowed within 5 feet of any mouse house or mouse body and 50 hours of community service each. If caught disobeying their probation, all catnip toys will be taken away and they could get incarceration in the bathroom or sprayed with the water bottle for each offense.

Mrs. Penelope P Pickwick continues to raise Chancey and her babies who now have fur but have not yet opened their eyes. A recent highlight in her life is the addition of babies by her sister Victoria Monkmouse. All kits are in the nest snuggling together and squeaking for milk.

Below are pictures showing parts of the case work and participants:

The crime scene once it was taped off by investigators.

Print powder in use, (which along with the ink
used on certain paws for print comparison left
a nice mess for CSI Kinsey to clean up all up and
down the hallway)

Lifted prints-used for perp comparison.

Penelope P Pickwick and sister Victoria Monkmouse refusing
to talk to the press who camped out at their door.

The distraught Mrs. Penelope P Pickwick, widow.

Mrs. Penelope P Pickwick requesting to be left
in peace now that justice has been served, so
she may raise her young.


Blogger Rats & Cats said...

Beautiful meeces..

11:43 AM

Blogger The Meezers said...

what cute little mices.
Fank you for the kind werds you lefted on our blog. Haf fun dancing with Mommy

1:21 PM

Blogger Rascal said...

Very interesting case work. I hope the perpentrators have learnt their lesson.

2:07 PM

Blogger Zeus said...

I'm glad that the ones responsible are finally in the hands of the authorities. I am sure everyone can sleep soundly now knowing that their hallways and rooms are much safer. Good work, detectives!

6:23 AM

Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Penny is gorgeous! What a lovely little mousie! And more kits.....!!!!!!! Sweeeeeeet.

1:58 PM

Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we're so sad 'bout the loss of yur furrend that we're not effun salivatin at the sight of those cute little mousies

1:30 AM

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