Saturday, August 05, 2006

The 'beans are gone again for about a week and we are left alone with no compuuper.

~Poiland Tribe


Blogger Boober the Rat said...

Well, you'll just have to make for no computer with getting up to no good. *wink*

11:26 PM

Blogger Zeus said...

I can't believe they took your computer! How about you take their toilet paper from the bathroom and tell them you're even now? ;)

10:12 AM

Blogger jenianddean said...

No computer!?! I'm surprised there isn't an uprising of the tribe!

1:44 PM

Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

but effurrybuddy needs a 'puter! how're ya gonna talk to us?

1:49 PM

Blogger Miss Bonita said...

Oh Rabbie! Home alone? I know how that goes. Mom, Dad and Riley (the pest) when to a family reunion and left me home all by myself. I don't mind though. I get to rest and eat in peace without Riley sticking his nose into my dinner dish. The silly dog thinks that he's a "chin" or bunny or something! The only problem is that it was warm in the hot and with such a furry coat, I'm not too crazy about hot summer days. Anyway, take good care of yourself and your tribe!

7:42 AM

Blogger one of us said...

Now that they are home and the computer is available, just let me say "You guys stinks" I don't like being left alone at home with the rats and cats. I am a very good bun, most of the time, and you could have taken me. Thank you for your sympathies Bonita. You are the only one who understands. And you are still cute. :)~Rabbie Burns

8:42 PM


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