Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I want to thank everyones for their nice comments
about Arthur. He was my best friend and a
good rat. He smiled a lot. ~Ford Prefectrat

Hello. Aren't I beautiful? ~Shadow =^..^=
This is my own bed right by Kinsey Kittens.


Blogger I Gatti Americani said...

First off, we are very sorry for your losses. Hope you know that your friends will live on always in your hearts and in your memories.

Second, yes you are a very beautiful cat! Those eyes are wonderful!

Third, we want to invite everyone to our birthday party tomorrow here in Italy. Check out our blog for details. Hope you can come!
Opus and Roscoe

5:06 AM

Blogger Joaquin said...

I think you are the most lovely feline out there, querida

3:10 PM

Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

We haven't visited in a little bit and when we come there is sad news...we are sorry to hear about the loss of the little ones.

3:55 PM

Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

you certainly are a furry purrty one!

6:38 PM

Blogger Mrs. Sniffles said...

I am sorry we haven't written sooner but we in New York City are very sorry to hear about the ratties you lost. I'm sure it's very hard to lose a friend.

12:54 PM

Blogger Rats & Cats said...

the rats in my house have the same beds as you -

my bed is different but rw can fit in the rat bed if he is in one of his odd moods.

Salem -x-.

1:36 PM

Blogger Eric and Flynn said...

Yes yoo are furry beeyootyfull.
We's sorry to hear bout yer ratties.

3:45 PM

Blogger Ariel said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your ratties.I use to have one and know how loving and unique they can be.Yes Shadow you are very Beautiful.

6:17 AM

Blogger Feline Oligarchy said...

We're also very sorry to hear about all your losses. It's been a difficult time for all of you, hasn't it? We really like Ford Prefectrat's eulogy. It says it all "best friend" "smiles a lot" "a good rat". All were truly blessed by his being!
--Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie

BTW: Alberta is feeling horribly guilty cause she has been really enjoying those hand made toys Ko Ko sent her as her Secret Paw and she hasn't properly thanked him yet cause our mom is so slow. But the pictures have been finally uploaded to Blogger so she's gotta finish editing them soon. so let him know that "thanks" are coming and it's not her fault.

9:06 PM


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