Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 in Review.....

The Fluffy Tribe Year in Review is being dedicated to little
Quark Ferengirat who passed away with what I believe was
a stroke. Quark had been battling an inner ear infection that
would appear to clear up after each antibiotic run and then would
come back worse each time. The last day he had lost the use of
his left side and was unable to lift his head and refused all food
and drink I tried to give him, by morning my little fuzzy dude had
passed to the Rainbow Bridge. Quark was the sweetest snuggler
around. He would come out for free range time and would just
sit and snuggle on me most of the time after a brief exploring.
I miss your sweet snuggle Quark. Say hi to effuryone at the
Bridge for me. There are too many of you little ones
recently there from The Tribe right now and I miss every
single one of you and everything you brought to brighten my
life with your fuzzy loves and furriendship. Rom misses
you Quark and Percy wonders where you have gone to.
You've been the happiest rat ever since you were adopted
as a big 6 month old boy with your brother Romulus. I'm glad
you are no longer in pain with your ear problems little one.
I love you Quark, love Mom.

Quark Ferengirat
Feb 2006-Dec 2007

January 2007: Mom was gone 1/2 the month in MewYork with Kinsey kitten. We gots our Secret Paws when she got back.

Feburary 2007: We Are the Kitties premiered.

March 2007: Fluffy Tribe book reviews start.....then mysterieously stop, hmmmmm

April 2007: We find out we are moving to some far away place.

May 2007: Mom and Dad are trying to sell our condo by showing it to strangers and we have to be hiding during "open houses", so much for open. Georgie Sr passes to the Rainbow Bridge.

June 2007: Some strange person buys our condo and all of our furniture and toys disappear. Ford Prefectrat passes to the Rainbow Bridge.

July 2007: We get wings and fly, a horrendous experience, to somewhere called MewMewxico.

August 2007: Premier of the first FLUFFY TRIBE YouTube video, and we stay in a "temporary" home that smells funny.

September 2007: We move into our new furrever home with lots of room for us to rome.

October 2007: Vishus deer report and Nymphadora Tonks moves into Kinsey Kitten's room.

November 2007: Rabbie gives tour of new yard. Georgie Jr passes to the Rainbow Bridge. WASTK premiers.

December 2007: Phillippa Marlow Shakespearerat and Montague Madrat and Quark Ferengirat pass to the Rainbow Bridge. We adopt Sir Percival Sniffsalot and nurse him back to health. Secret Paws brighten the Hollydayz and we are still posting the pictures from that.

~The Fluffy Tribe

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Blogger muffinmidi said...

We're so sorry to hear about the loss of Quark.It's been a rough year in ratland.We know each loss is like a knife wound to he heart.
Take care,
Muffy & Tracy

5:33 PM

Blogger Cheysuli and gemini said...

You all have had a lot of changes this year, haven't you?

6:47 PM

Blogger The Meezers said...

we are so sorry to hear about Quark. purrrss to all of you

8:48 PM

Anonymous Abita said...

We are very sorry to hear about Quark. *hugs* to you all.

6:29 PM

Blogger Cisje said...

So sad to hear Quark passed away. I'm sure he's happy at the Rainbow Bridge now, but of course he will be missed dearly here..:-(

You all had quite an exciting (and sometimes fearful) year, hadn't you?
Hope 2008 will be wonderful for all of you!

Your Friends from The Rats Inn and their Faithful Servant/Mom

7:28 AM

Blogger Hot(M)BC said...

We's sorry bout Quark and yore ofur furriends who wented to the Bridge this yeer. We hope 2008 will be better for yall!
Alla us

8:09 AM

Blogger Ariel said...

Sorry to hear the sad news hope 2008 will be better.

10:22 AM

Blogger Rattie said...

So sorry to hear about Quark. ))hugs((

2:43 PM


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