Friday, July 29, 2005

Don't think I'm getting soft or anything. Dad just needed someone to keep an eye on him incase he got into something. I figured the easiest way to do that would be to sleep RIGHT beside him so I knew if he even twitched. ~Shadow Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"I'm not picking my nose; it's an itch."~Fig Posted by Picasa

"OH SOLA MIO....."~Ko Ko Posted by Picasa

"Darn, a rat in my hair..." ~Salsa Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ko Ko's busy day........

Hey Everybody,

Boy, being a big boy takes lots of work, but thank goodness I have big brudder Merlin to help me out since Shadow still just hisses and spits at me most of the time if I get to close. She is a little grouchy Mom says. I think she just like to be kinda mean sometimes. See she won't even smile for the flashy thingy. Shadow only likes Kinsey kitten. But on with my day.

First, big brudder Merlin and I found a flying creature-"moth" Mom says-so we ate it.

After that I ran and crawled up my cat tree and ripped and ripped and showed it whose boss, and I chewed on it some.

Then I was able to investigate Mom's stuff from the middle shelf. I LOVE the cat tree.

Well after this I had some lunch. I gave some loves and decided I better take a nap. I was really tired and wanted to rest up for a game of chase the mouse later.

So, that was my eventful day. I did play chase the mouse that night after I went through the basket of toys and picked out my favorite. Of course I had to put all of the others on the floor too because the one I wanted was on the bottom. Why is that?

~Ko Ko

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Poi Rats Free Range Time...

Yes, as rather well behaved and very cute rodentia, we have what is called free range time; this consist of Mom letting us out to play on the furniture and get into things we consider of rattty interest. One of the things we like is a purple rat house box of Kinsey's/Pip"squeak"'s. The only problem is, when one of us gets the box, he doesn't like to share with the others. Here is Fig and Pip discussing who will get there first and Georgie (Jorje) in the background sneaking off. Guess who gets the box?

So the big contest begins "Let's get Georgie out of the box". Many ways were tried:

Fig tries to talk Georgie out.

Georgie has none of it and stays put.

Salsa tries to drag Georgie out and this doesn't work either. Pip simply watches from the rear....

Finally, when all is quiet for a bit-Georgie emerges, the clear winner in the box contest....

Not too shabby for the youngest of the bunch.

~Salsa, Pip, Fig, Georgie

Sunday, July 03, 2005

A day in the life of ..... Merlin

Hello all! You would not believe how busy I was today. Yes, I had a full poodie day keeping up with everything while my Mom was at "work". I still don't see why she has to go to this place, but she goes, so there must be some strange 'bean reason that is unfathomable to poodies. But, I digress.

I woke up early and snuggled up against Mom's head by her pillow. Then I moved to lay by her back, then her head again, and then I decided to look out the window. About this time, Mom got up and I followed her to the batroom where she gets ready-she always needs my help in here with her hair. However, I refuse to help her brush her teeth. Mom skipped coffee this morning, and left grumpy because she didn't get her 'affeine, whatever that is. So, I took a nap, on my back, which is my favorite way to lay on the tile to cool off. See, don't I look happy?

Unfortunately, the nap did not last long since Kinsey invited her friends over and they always like to play "pet the poodie"-quite often I have to remind them who is boss and swipe at them with my paw, which always gets a good reaction and quite a bit of light screaming. I am a good sized poodie after all. Notice, my waking face at the commotion and noise of the visiting guests.

Well, by this time I was ready to go and find something else to do. Mom was not home yet, and I was bored and did not have any inviting laps to sit on. Plus, the door was not open so I could look out the screen and say hello to all the 'eightberts walking past. It is very nice. Sometimes the 'beans will even say hello and stop and talk to me on their way to their homes. They know my name and I always tell them "reow"-hello in poodie language. There is one 'bean that even tries to talk back to me in poodie language. Of course he doesn't have the accent right, but he really tries, so I ALWAYS talk to him.

So no open door, no Mom, no decent things to get into--wait, what is this???? I see it. Yes, THAT looks interesting. I run and get Ko Ko, and we promptly get to checking this wonderful new toy with lots of little pieces out. Little did we know, it was Kinsey's doll stuff. I don't think dolls should have their own stuff that poodies can't share. They can't even talk. They just SIT there and STARE. They don't even smell right. But did that stop us from getting into trouble....? No, it did not. So that is how I ended my day. In trouble until my Mom got home and I could get snuggles. Then everything was okay again. Mom loves her little/big poodie Merlin so much, she squeezes me every chance she gets.