Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Banana chunks and pizza...life is good ~Rodentia =*..*=

Stinky goodness...lots of loves...cat wrestling mania...life is good ~Cats =^..^=

Friday, September 23, 2005

Sometimes tables just aren't big enough.....~Merlin Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Current and beautiful poodie picts........

The Wise and Zen

Kao' ko Kung.

However, Confucius

say "Let looks not

be deceiving, the funnel

cloud can touch down on

a clear day."

Beautiful and quiet, Shadow is even more svelte and silky in person.

However, the personality does not always match the looks as is shown when she is asked whether she has any close friends. "I rule and if anyone gives me flack they eat dirt, right then and right there. I'm not afraid to let a little fur fly, if it's not mine that is." A cat of her word, Shadow holds black belts in several martial poodie arts.

Merlin "The Dude" Schumacher

stuningly large (over 20 pounds and over 3 feet long) he is quite a poodie to snuggle with

But don't try getting him to wear

outfits unless you are his Mom.

Here he models his Halloween

outfit for this year.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Rats Guide to the Galaxy

Ford Rat Prefect with towel; alien rat posing as Earth rat; friend of Arthur Rat Dent.

"Arthur, where's your towel? A towel is the most important thing you can have when you are travelling the galaxy."

Ford adjusting towel with his tail. (Tails are also very handy to have in one's intersteller travels.)

Ford and Arthur wait for a passing ride.

"I'm Ford Prefect, and I have my towel. May I come aboard Zaphod Bebblebrox?"

"I do not have my towel, but my I come aboard anyways Mr. Bebblebrox?"

"Mom I really need a towel."

I promised pictures of the new boys this week when they asked and here they are. I didn't promise they would be normal. :)

Monday, September 05, 2005

This has been a very busy week at galaxy Poiland. We ate at the restaurant at the end of the universe tonight and had crab salad and grapes. Fig managed not to spill anything. We still have not had our picture taken and put on the website, but Mom promises this week.

~Ford Prefect, Arthur Dent (ratsies)

I want everyone to know that I'm doing okay even though I still pee blood. Yesterday, I took a nap with Dad and while he was sleeping, groomed his upper lip and nose (he needed the help).


It is hot here for poodies ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ratsie News

Tonight we have a new priority post mail box to chew to pieces, but Fig spilled the grape juice Mom gaves us all over it and then slept in the whole mess. Now he is purple. We had paste and cheese tonight. We LOVE pasta...and cheese too. Salsa is spoiled and gets way more free roaming time than any of the rest of us. We think we should protest.

~Pip, Fig, Georgie, Aeowen, Narnie, Josie, Ford, and Arthur

Poodie News

One of our poodie friends has opened up a store to help support his Mom and Grammie in their time of need. He is very entrepurrrnurial and also has good business sense. Visit Timmy Dicken's store and shop!!!!

Another of our poodie friends is donating part of his income from his best seller to the relief fund for Katrina storm damage. So buy Max's book (or his Mom's T-shirt) and help a good cause.

Ko Ko has decided his new game is to run into the bathroom, jump up in the air, grab Kinsey kitten's towel while still airborne and roll (still in the air) and land all tangled in a heap where he them rolls and growls and makes a regular idiot of himself. It looks like a lot of fun; I wish I where still that agile and not quite so floofy.

Shadow bit me and smacked Ko Ko around so hard Mom got after her.