Friday, April 29, 2005

I'm a rat sausage...heh... Posted by Hello

Unbelievable....weird animals.....~Ko Ko Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Another vermin entry on the blog. Talk about not sharing. This is my growly, scary face to scare those vermin away from the computer. Rrraaarrr, rrraarrr, rrraarrr. ~Merlin Posted by Hello

"Dress"ing up the condo Posted by Hello

Today I decided to pull Mom's dress into the condo. Her clothes always smell so good and they are perfect for nesting material. I work so hard to pull and pull and gather it all together, but then it goes right back out. I need to think of another way to do this. ~Narnia Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

As rats, we like to hide, peek, play games, and our human friends are supposed to find us. Here is a cleverly hidden rat trying to be very, very qwiet so no one can see him. "Gotcha" says Mommy. Posted by Hello

Salsa likes to sleep on his side, curled up in a ball with his hind feet snuggled up to his nose. It is really cute.  Posted by Hello

Monday, April 25, 2005

Good morning all you poodies and poodie Moms and Dads out there. It is Monday, but Monday can be a good day. Poodies do not have the Monday predjudice that 'beans have. So I'm wishing you all a good start to your week. ~Merlin Posted by Hello

Sometimes I like to lay in on the bathroom sink and listen to the water. I lean my head up against the seashell and listen to the ocean too. It is nice to be able to just relax. ~Merlin Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 24, 2005

A typical Aeowen day-checking out the food bowl, looking at the computer screen, investigating the envelope cubby, there's some feet by the computer mouse, and The End :) Aewoen is a very busy rat. Posted by Hello

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Earth Day everyone! Celebrate every living thing and the circle of life ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko, Nicodemus, Salsa, Pip, Fig, Aeowen, Narnia, Josephine, and Jorge Posted by Hello

Oh no, someone is watching!!!!!!! Mom....there she is taking my picture with the flashy thing. But, I still have my paper. ~Merlin Posted by Hello

I found this pile of nice crunchy paper just lying there on the couch, so I jumped right up to investigate and enjoy the crinkles. Jumping into a pile of paper and ripping it up with your claws is an indescribable feeling. The sound, the feel, the pure playfulness of it....I wonder if anyone it watching?........Maybe if I do it right I can get the paper to cover up my head and I can hide under it so no one can see me. Yes, paper........pure joy................ Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Today is a Horatio Phinneus Newton, or Fig, day. I have very cute wiskers and I love to eat. Let me demonstrate the fine art of eating veggies for you. ~Fig Posted by Hello

This is my peapod I will take nicely from my Mom (see picture) then I will open it and eat the little peas inside. Later I will go back and eat the peapod since all the good peas will be gone by then. Posted by Hello

Stealing someone else's fresh peapod is very enticing. It makes the peas inside tastes betters. I'm not sure why. Posted by Hello

Nothing beats a good bunch of fresh veggies to munch on. They keep you healthy and young.  Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

Here I am checking out the food offerings going on below...yum, fresh peas and broccoli. ~Salsa Posted by Hello

Tonight we got to say hello to the girls. See I'm down wandering around on the top of their condo and Fig is trying to figure out how to get down there too. He wants more food. His butt is too big for him to flip over and get down there though. The little girl in the cage is a new little baby dumbo eared girl name Josephine. We were trying to get Aeowen's and Narnia's attention. ~Salsa Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mom has recently been reading about brains and believe it or not (we could have told her this) human brains are not the largest. Whales, elephants, and dolphins has brains that are larger, and proportionally small rodents and some reptiles have brains that are larger compared to body size than humans and their brains. It is why we are so smart. :) Here we are reading all of Mom's stuff on her desk ~Aeowen and Narnia Posted by Hello