Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sunday Nip......

Ahhhhhh, Dude !

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Facts About Phillipa Marlow Shakespearerat

1. Phillippa Marlow Shakespearerat is called Phippa.
2. Phippa loves to play hide-n-seek with Mom.
3. Phippa likes to chatter in Mom's ear.
4. Phippa was married once.
5. Her maiden name is Marlow.
6. Her married name is Shakespearerat
7. Phippa has 21 children.
8. Phippa has 9 grandchildren.
9. Phippa likes to snuggle with her tiny
daughter Morgen LeRat.
10. Phippa talks to the mousepetpet Pumkin.
11. Phippa has a cute round tummy.
12. Phippa bathes at least 20 times a day
13. Phippa used to hold her newborn ratlets
in a hug sometimes while she nursed them propped up
on her back. This is unusual 'cause rats
nurse standing up over their babies usually.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Merlin's New Shirt.....

Awhile backs I ordered a new shirt from
Nauty Riffs Shop. I like his drawing of
the norty fairy and flyswater so that is
the shirt I picked. Riff is pretty funny.
His cartoons always make Mom laugh.

Now I haf a teeshirt for my summer wardrobe
'cause it is too hot here to wear sweaters. Mom
makes excellent sweaters, in all sizes, for pets,
but they are just too hot. I luv my new shirt
though. It fits perfect. This is a size large.

Once I was dressed for the day, I went to sit on
the window and watch the kids play basketball
out on the court. It is fun to see 'beans play wif
balls, like we do. Although I don't put mine in a big net,
I just put them in the fish bowl.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Book Review #9.....

This week Georgie Jr, Wolfie Mozart Amadeusrat,
and Montague MadRat are reviewing a book
Mom got from Dad for Yule:
The New Yorker Book of All
New Cat Cartoons.

I am Monty. Although Mom finds this
book hilariously funny, I don't. Why
are there no New Yorker books of
rat cartoons? Why? 'because we
are hated and reviled in New York.
I say we boycott the city.

I, Georgie Jr., suggests that Mom read
more rat books. But I am glad she liked
this one and it put her in a good mood
because then we get more treats.

Mom should give me more cheese. ~Wolfie
That has nothing to do with the book. ~Mom
I don't care. ~Wolfie

There you have it. What do you expect when
you ask rats to review a cat book?
~Georgie Jr, Wolfie, & Monty

Monday, March 19, 2007

Midnight Monday.....


Saturday, March 17, 2007

BBBR-17 Mar 07

Dear Fellow Fluffy Bloggers, My Girl Bonita, and Effuryone Else,

May I wish you all a HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY for one and all. My the luck of the Irish buns be wif you, may the wind be at yer back and not in yer face, may you dance as if no one is video taping and sing like there's no tomorrow.

Well, things are pretty quite here in Poiland right now. Spring is here and there has been some showers.

I am insisting that Mom update the blog list on fer us. We love to find to blogs. We add them to our favorites and them Mom takes fereffer and a day to update. Need to get crack-a-lackin Mom.

I also want to wish our 'bean Uncle and Aunty in NooYawk a very HAPPY PURRRTHDAY. They are now 110 and 115 years old respectively.

I have taken to chewin on Mom's piano leg, which gets me in all kinds of trouble. Unfortunately, it is not furry delicious and I may haf to find somthin else.

Mom tried to gif me those white carrots called par-nips. She read on several offer blogs that they were furry appreciated by some buns. Me being the "obnoxiously picky legomorph" that I am, threw the disgusting food out the door of my hutch. My way of lettin Mom no THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. It worked. Who said 'beans are dense? It just takes patience.

Well, that is all for now my fluffy furrends.
Be wearin o' the green today,
Rabbie Burns, aka Mr Gravey

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wordless Wednesday.....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Moody Monday.....

Three of the girls:
Leave us be, we is sleeping!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Book Review #8.......

The book review from the Poi Tribe this week is given by
who is reviewing the book Why Paint Cats,
by Silver and Busch

Here is a close-up of me, Shadow.

Here is my favorite one, the PURPLE BOA. Now I would
never sit still for this, but obviously some cats don't mind
being painted. The artists use nontoxic food colouring
on the cats fur.

One chapter is on the deification of cats. Mom likes these
picts that show cats painted with Egyptian symbols.
Ko Ko would look good permanently painted like this,
and then shaved. He is my nemises.

Now even though many think there is absolutely no
way to improve on a cats look that nature gave us, which
I heartily agree with, some 'beans obviously can't resist.
This book is has interesting photos. There is even a plaid
cat. Mom likes the one painted like the Dias de La Muertos
skeletons in the front of the book.

Well that is all, THE END!!!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Widebody Wednesday...

Introducing Quark Ferengirat
for our first Widebody Wednesday

Monday, March 05, 2007

Merlin: Hmmm, this water tastes better
than usual. I wonder why?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

We Gots Hugs From Finnegan...

Oh, Oh, Oh, we gots hugs from Finnegan and Buddy and effuryone knows hugs are the bestest efur, so we are sending them on to:

Bonita Chinchilla & Riley her broffer
Smeeagol, Striyder, Mystery & Gizmo

Well that is six instead of four, but you can nefer haf enough hugs.
Here's hopin' effuryone can makes up and let's get on wif bloggin' effurybuddies.

~Poiland Tribe

Mom took this pictur and said it looks like
I'm getting a little pooch. I don't think so and
I think it is unfair for her to ambush me
when I'm sleepin and take revealin photos.
What do you think?
~Ko Ko