Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shadow Thanks Meeko & Kiara for her Secret Paws

Well, I gots my SP from Texas-Meeko and Kiara sent
me a goodies package and boy did it smell good!

Wow look my very own chase balls to toss across the floor!

Oh Momma Kinsey must you put the flutterflies on my head?
I can't reach them there.

Meeko and Kiara's Momma made me a catnip pillow of my
very own. This is what smelled SOOOOOO good in the
package. Yummmmmm, I luv it.

As you can see the catnip pillow is my favorite SP pressie.

I also got a package of TEMPTATIONS and they are
the bestest flavor-chicken! I luv temptations too!

Oh Meeko and Kiara you are the best Secret Paws
efer. I luv all my goodies. Tell your Momma the
catnip pillow is divine and Momma Kinsey is going to
put it on my bed for me. Thank you so much.
~Luvs, Shadow Schumacher~

All the fluffies and 'beans at The Fluffy Tribe
wish efffurrryone a Happy Happy Mew Year

And Ms Samantha Black Tonks has gotten her SP but Mom
has not posted the picatures yet. She will and thank you
early but Tonks will thank you personally when Mom posts the
picatures. Keep watchin'!

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Bogger AWard

We is awarded this badge by our furriend at ...all tings critters.
Thank you so muches ratty furriends.
As part of this award we haf to name 6 things that make us ratz happy.

* yoggies
* Mom snuggles
* havin the run of Mom's office
* 'bean food
* hammicks
* our bloggin' buddies

We hafs to give the award out to 6 of blogging buddies; this was difficult 'cause we have so many favourite blogs:

Sasha, Toby, and Emma Sue froms
Little Cats Feets
Princess Isis the woofy
Gandalf & Greyson
Shilgiah & Tommy
Vampy Victor
those Rabbits at Houseful o' Rabbits

there we goes ~The Fluffy Tribe Ratz

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merlin's Secret Paws from cousin Beauty in Mew York

I gots my Secret Paw from my cousin Beauty
in Mew York. Beauty does a nice SP let
me tell you.

This must be mine, hummmm.

Wow look at all that stuff! Oh bitzy balls
my favorite. I luv the jingle.

I gots a fluffy mousies, THREE cans of stinky goodness
and a red blankie made by Auntie Mary. Oh and some
crunchie goodies.

And in the very bottom was a piece of tissues paper
for me to wrestle with and crinkle up. I luv the sound
of tissues papers. I luv it! Look at me go.

Mom why didn't I get some toys yet? -SHadow
Because they aren't here yet. -Mom

That's so unfair. I think I will go pick on Merlin
who is enjoying his tissue paper too much! -Shadow

Auuuggghh, Shadow stop picking on me. That's my tissues paper. -Merlin

Feel the wrath of Shadow, Merlin. You will now surrender the
tissue paper. -Shadow
Later after the smackdown had quieted, I enjoyed a nappie
on my favorite 40Paws hammock covered in my new
snuggle blankie.
Thank you so much for my wonderful SP cousin Beauty.
I ated two of the cans of stinky goodness already. Yumm.
I luvs you.
~Merlin "Dude" Schumacher~

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Secret Paws for Ko Ko from Ayla and LC

I gots my SP from Ayla and LC and I'm so happy.

Okay Mom, are you going to help me opens it?

Oh boy, lookit all these pressies, wow. They smell good already.

Two mousies to chase and throw in the air, so fun.
A jingle mousie too wif a fluffy tail, oh.

Hey did my Secret Paws pals get me feffers???????

I love feffers, must eat the feffers, feffers are the bestest.

Wow a package of stinky goodness and a can of stinky goodness
too. I'm a lucky Ko Ko. And look!!!!! CATNIP leaves, oh boy.

Thank you so much Secret Paws Ayla and LC.
You are the bestest efer. I luvs all my pressies
thank you, thank you, thank you. This fluffy green one is
my favorite of all the bunch. I'm feeling good wif catnip
leaves in my tummy.

~Ko Ko Schumacher~

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mary's Cats the Fluffy Tribe's Cousins in Mew York....

Our cousins are doing the Secret Paws and
their Mom doesn't have a blog for them, so
we are postin' their picatures up so efferyone
can see them.
Hey cousins!





Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blanket Wars

"You scoot over."
"No, you scoot over."
"No...you scoot over!"
"NO...YOU scoot over!"

"I can't believe she took your side." mutters Ko Ko.
"Heh!" snickers Rabbie.

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Shadow Saturday

I'm beautiful! ~Shadow

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Monday, December 01, 2008

ManCat Monday

Real men aren't afraid to snuggle. ~Ko Ko

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