Monday, March 30, 2009

Rest-In-Peace Rabbie Burns

Rabbie passed away at the vet today before they could perform
exploratory surgery. We had an autopsy done so we could know
what went wrong. He had a blockage of hair that stopped his
digestive track completely.

You left us too soon Rabbie Burns and we all miss you so.
We luv you bad bunny. We are crying now.

~Rabbie Burns, Bun of Mass Destruction~
~adopted Jan 2006 - passed March 30 2009~

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Rabbie Burns is sick

Rabbie is sick. I went in my office this morning and
he was laying there not looking to good and breathing
really heavy. He hadn't drunk anything or pooped either.
Last night he was playing with his toys and jumping
around normal although he was cool to the touch.
Right now he is at the vet with Dr Newman and
an x-ray showed a mass either in his stomach or
around his liver. So they are going to do
exploratory surgery ASAP and see what is wrong.
Everyone send Rabbie good vibes so Dr Newman
can find what is wrong and fix him up.
~Jane and the Fluffy Tribe

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


~From the Fluffy Tribe & 'Beans

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Monday, March 02, 2009


Mom has been working doing taxes. SHe already has a job,
working for us, but that is not enough, no. She has gone
elsewhere to earn some green stuff and we are being
sorely neglected here in Mew Mexico. *sob*
It is unsupportable we tell you.
So we won't be posting as much until after the
middle of April. For some reason Mom says
she will be home after that. Like we believe her.
~The Disgruntled Fluffy Tribe~

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