Monday, February 27, 2006

Alright, who did this, Bunny Burns? ~Poi Mom Posted by Picasa

I don't know. Go ask the cats. ~RB Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Latest Adventures of Shadow

Last night while climbing to new heights, I met a new friend. I should have been surprised, but wasn't because after all, you meet people in the strangest places around here. I have learned to expect the unexpected.

After introducing myself and having a cup of cappucino, Raven and I decided to survey our domain. Lo and behold, walking underneath our perch was Merlin. Instantly I got an idea, which I gladly shared with Raven. I figured if he could swoop down and peck Merlin on the head it would be a funny, funny joke we could share at further cafe outings.

Well, Raven delicately shared a secret with me. He can't fly. Unfortunately someone clipped his wings when he was young and they never grew back. So instead of sharing a pecking joke we were only able to point and laugh, which irritated Merlin enough. Don't we look chumy.

~Shadow "Sneaky" Schumacher

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I am lucky enough to announce the two new items at the Poi Blog. The first is a weekly posting of a picture we all agree on. The second is a weekly update from the Bad Bunny Burns Report. Today is the first. - Ahem- BBBR 22 Feb 2006 - Destroyed: 1 vacume cleaner cord-chewed; 1 hand vac cord-chewed through; 1 couch pillow-nibbled; 1 dish dumped in protest of lettuce or lack thereof; 3 nibbles on Mom requesting snuggles-no bruises; 1 bookcover-shredded. Until next week~Binkies Everyone, Rabbie Posted by Picasa

Daddy 'bean found this picture on the web and we all voted here at Poiland and agreed that it would be our picture of the week in honour of Rabbie Burns, who is just as stinky as this bun. ~Poi Tribe Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Narnia? - Yes, Mom? - Why are you so small? - I didn't know I was. - Yes, you fit in the palm of my hand. None of the other rats do. Maybe you are part mouse. - No, I don't think so Mom. I think it is just because I'm special. - Could be. - Yes, that's it Mom, I'm special. Everyone knows special things come in small packages. - That they do. I love you little Narnia. - I love you too Mom.  Posted by Picasa

Yes I'm cute. Mom says so. ~Georgie Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 17, 2006


From Merlin:

Oh, stinky goodness
melting on tingling taste buds
bursting with flavor

From Shadow:

Grand silence alone
sweet melodies of stillness
perch as sitting bugs

From Ko Ko:

Thunder and lightning
burst forth as day is dawning
not storms but playtime

From Rabbie Burns:

Tender ripe greeness
shoots waiting for dinnertime
with ears acquiver

From the Rodentia:

Surprise slow poodies
sitting in furry slendor
while rats nibble tails

Dedication to Pip"squeak" from all Poiland Tribe and Kinsey Kitten and Mom:

Dear friend so softly
leaving bittersweet sorrow
through Rainbow light veils

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We will miss you so much little Pip"squeak". ~March 2004 to 12 Feburary 2006~ Pip loved to talk and bounce around. He hardly ever sat still. He was always happy and exploring and talking. The little guy never got fluffy like many of our other rats because he never sat still. Pip is one of the sweetest little ratsies I have ever known and Kinsey and I miss him terribly. He loved Kinsey the best and would run and jump on her when she had been gone for a bit. He always slept in her bed and loved to run around her room. Pip and Salsa were brothers and Pip never seemed to get over Salsa's passing. He missed him and it gives me some comfort to know that Salsa was there waiting to greet him on the Rainbow Bridge, and they are now off playing and snuggling in rodentia bliss. ~Poi Mom Jane  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

THEY'RE BACK and we know Mom would rather have stayed with us because she ran around hugging everyone and making cooie noises and begging our forgiveness before she even brought her bags in.

We made the sitter fell welcome because he was really nice. Ko Ko even sat on his lap. Of course I didn't because I'm the king and I only sit on Mom's lap usually. Shadow stayed under the bed. Rabbie buns pooped piles for Mom to clean up. And the vermin showered the floor with lots of wood shavings. (They usually have fresh towels everyday, but on "vacation" they got wood shaving and boy did they protest.) Mom left bags of greens in the fridge for Rabbie Burns labled "Bunny Bags" and each one had a days worth of salad for him. We had our blessed stinky goodness left out on the counter for the pet sitter to feed us and the vermin had special vermin mix with cereal and goodies mixed in, so we weren't hurting. But we will never tell Mom that.

She should feel SUPER guilty about leaving us all that time. We missed her. And she says she missed us so much she won't go away again for a long time. She brought us treats too.

One sad thing happened while Mom and Kinsey kitten and the Dad where gone. Pip died. Mom had been very worried about him because he was old and had stopped eating before they left, but she had to go to her sister's wedding so she couldn't stay home and now she feels so guilty. The pet sitter said Pip was up and about the night before on Saturday, but the next morning he was passed away. Kinsey kitten cried alot because Pip was her special boy and she loved him so much. Mom cried too and they are both still sad. We miss Pip but know that he is with his brother Salsa over the Rainbow bridge. They were the bestest of pals and brothers too.

Thank you all for your support while Mom was away. She went to Las Vegas for her sister's wedding and then San Francisco to visit Kinsey's Great Grandma who is 95, which is really old for a 'bean Mom says.

So we will update everyone more later.

~Merlin "The Dude"