Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bad Bunny Burns Report - 27 Feb 07

Hello My Beautiful Girl Bonita, Blogging Buddies, and Effuryone Else,

It has been awhile, but I haf returned-bad to the bone.

Today I impart some bunny wisdom:

Being outside is wonerful.....
.....bunny torture devices are not!

White carrots are not acceptable and are to be thrown as hard as possible out the hutch door.


Peeing by Dad's fluffy bed sleeping objects is not acceptable.....
.....but makes a statement.

Chewing holes in the couch just means Mom will take money from the Rabbie Treat Fund to save up and replace said furniture

Digging in the litterbox to show disapproval is not acceptable, especially when there are Rabbie raisins already in it.


Nipping Mom for sunggles is not acceptable.....
.....head bumps are.....
.....but they are not as fun.


Picking on the cats is dangerous or so I've been told.....
.....absolutely no proof of that yet.

Showing my teeth to Dad makes a statement he is to dense to figure out.


Muttering in Mom's ear gets Rabbie extra treats.

And there you haf it effurybunny, my current bunny wisdom update.

Luvs to all,
Rabbie Burns, ie BMD, Mr Gravey

Friday, February 23, 2007

When rats work on cars......

Meepit: Yes Ma'am we can fix your car,
but it's not going to be cheap.

Phippa: You're having the girls fix your car?

Meepit: Yep, the sunroof looks good.

Sophia: Yep, I look good. (glancing in rearview mirror)

Georgia: The seats seem okay.

Georgia: You didn't see me jumpin on the
seats, did you?

Morgana: What are you doing under there?

Phippi & Leela: Checkin under the hood.

Izzy: Watch your tail, I'm closing the door.

Morgana: What is with the headroom
in these foreign cars?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kimo & Sabi's Ear Tuft Questions...

Dear Bloggin Buddies, I am hera on behaf of Kimo
who is doing research into the tufs on us poodies ears.
It has com to his atention that it is not only
meezers who haf tufs. It may be ofer poodies
as well.
So here Kimo is my research into all of the
peoples I know who might or might not
haf ear tufs:

First our cousins in NooYawk-
Buddy-no ear tufs

Piper-nope, no ears tufs

Beauty-yes, she has ear tufs

the rats as represented by Ford,
nope, no ear tufs

Shadow, who 'posed to be part meezer-no

mice-represented by Victoria-uh uh, no tufs

Brassy & Pinky-no, no tufs

Rabbie Burns-no, but fairly long ears

Merlin, nope!

Ko Ko, yes beauotiful ear tufs.
So there you haf it Kimo. I hopes this
helps in yer research.
~Ko Ko

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ford's fav sleeping place...

Ford knows the best place sleep.
In his opinion anyways is

Snuggled up on Mom

~Ford Prefectrat

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Book Review #8

It is excellent, the best ever. Never
before has a work of literature been
so insightful and wonderous. This book
should win a Pulitzer, a Nobel, and a
Macavity award at the least, the
very least.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The book!!!! IT HAS ARRIVED. I am now
a published poodie. I'M ON AMAZON.
We did it. The bloggin cats have a book
Yes, here's the envelope; I've got to see the
cover in person....here I go.......

Wha?....hey?? Not funny, guys....were's the books?
Oh great, now I'm stuck.

This if furry humiliatin' for a published poodie
what will people think? %@@#$*(&^ you
could help out here instead of laughin' Mom.
I will remember this.

Alright, where's the books?
~Merlin (story found on page 68)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Our Cousins from NooYawk and Robyn's Appreciation Day

When Mom and Kinsey Kitten went away to NooYawk to visit
famibly, they saw our cousins. They am not in the city anymore but
are abovestate now. Mom brought some picts back
for us to see and we wanted to introduce our longdistance
famibly members:

This is Beauty. She was adopted from the VET who
was trying to find a home for her. No one wanted her
anymore 'cause her first 'bean wented into a psycadelicward.
She loves Aunty Mary the bestest and sits on her lap.

This is Buddy. He is a buff little dude. He was
'dopted from the North Shore Animal League
where they gaf him away free 'cause he was
to old to 'dopt out. He is a friendly dude and
slept on Mom's bed and sat on her lap the
whole time she was there.

This am Piper, named 'cause she came from the
streets of Queens were she was living under a car.
The nice man who found her named her Sidepipes
'cause that is where she was sittin'. They took
her to Aunt Mary's house 'cause they knew
Aunty would takes care of her and treat her

And we wants to join the Cat Bloggin' Sphere in
thanking Ms Robyn for all of the work she does
and all of the nice things she arranges to help out
any poodie in need. Ms Robyn,
YOU IS GREAT !!!!!!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

BBBR 5 Febraries

Hey Effurybunnies, My Girl Bonita, and Effuryones Else,

Well, Mom's home soes things are backs to normal here, but now the Dads gone and i don't know for how long. However as long as the Moms here to keep things in order all is okay.

Not alots is going on ofurwise. I chewed completely thru the fancord and Moms had to replace the whole thing. I also got ahold of the cord for the light beside the couch but Moms hasn't found that one yet I dont think.

I also ordered a disapproving rabbit shirt from the website 'cause it really expresses us rabbits so good and since we had the greeninformation, Merlin ordered 3 copies of the new WATK book that has a story he wrote in it. He said one was for him, one was for Shadow, and one was for KoKO, but I thinks they are all for him.

I gotta go, here comes Mom and I thinks she found the light cord.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Merlin's Pink Bathrobe Photo Shoot

One of the things Merlin shares in common
with Skeezix is the love of clothes. He
loves to dress up in scarves and wraps,
and necklaces and anything that
catches his eye really.
So without further ado,
here is Merlin in his pink charity